Why Thanksgiving is a Holiday to be Celebrated in Sweatpants

Here’s why there’s need to sweat about this holiday.

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Thanksgiving table
Thanksgiving table

Christmas is great and Halloween is fun, but Thanksgiving has always felt so much calmer than these holidays. There’s no need to blow all your hard-earned cash on presents your loved ones may not even like, and no pressure to find a costume that is both wholly unique as well as socially relevant.

As we were all reminded this past Thursday, Thanksgiving is about enjoying a delicious meal with the most important people in your life, be they family, friends, or both. Thanksgiving is chill.

So why do people insist upon making it fancy?

I’ve seen so many families declare Thanksgiving day an occasion for dressing in your Sunday best, breaking out the best China plates, and decorating the whole house to the nines with pumpkins and cornucopias. It’s just not necessary!

In preparation for next year, I’d like to make an argument: Thanksgiving should be the most low-key holiday of the year, because giving thanks doesn’t require ruffles and frills. At most, it needs stretchy pants. Let me make my case.

There’s Nobody to Impress

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If the people with whom you spend Turkey Day are your closest loved ones, odds are, they’ve already seen you in sweatpants before. And as we all know, there’s no going back from that.

Your loved ones shouldn’t judge you for wearing your comfiest hoodie to the dinner table, or even staining said sweatshirt with gravy. Even if you’re a little messy, your family and friends will appreciate that you’re comfortable enough to be your realest, sloppiest self around them.

Besides, if Great Aunt Janine wants to be prim and proper so badly, she can go to dinner at the country club.

We’re All Thankful for Sweatpants 

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I hate high heels. There, I said it. If I were ever offered a role in a Hollywood blockbuster directed by, say, Steven Spielberg, I’d turn it down only because I know that I’d have to go to the premiere in high heels. (Well, okay, I’d at least consider the role…)

My hate for heels, though, is outdone by my love for sweatpants, fuzzy socks, baggy shirts, perfectly broken-in hoodies…if clothes aren’t comfortable, or if they hinder your ability to move, why wear them? 

Glam gowns and jewels are nice, but I don’t want to spend Thanksgiving dinner having to constantly shift my skirt or re-apply my make-up. I want to be as comfortable as possible on the one day of the year where stuffing my face is encouraged. 

If you love dressing up on Thanksgiving, more power to you! But it shouldn’t be required.

The Best Part of Thanksgiving is…

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That’s right: nap time.

We’re all – or at least most of us – going to be eating a lot, especially a lot of carbs. I love carbs as much as any person with functioning taste buds, but they can be really heavy on your stomach. Thus, the infamous post-Thanksgiving dinner nap.

So why on Earth would we get all dolled up on a day when we know we’ll end up catching z’s on the couch almost immediately after eating? We’d all be much better off in our comfiest outfits possible- even our pajamas! You know, the ones with Yoda on them! Or Mickey Mouse or Tweety Bird, whichever character you prefer.

The couch is calling. Heed that call.

Your turn, readers!

Do you agree? Is Thanksgiving a day for coziness and comfort? Or a day for glitter and glam? (Get out of the comments section, Great Aunt Janine!)

Either way, leave a comment below!

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