The Kindness Project: 4 Simple Ways to Spread Kindness in Your Everyday Life

Read on for some little ways you can put out good vibes every day!

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A few months ago I was having one of those days — you know the ones, where you just feel so exhausted over absolutely everything?!

And then, as if the universe was sending me a message I received this text message:

And with that, my eyes erupted with the power of 1,000 oceans. (Yes, I’m a huge softie.) This simple message on a random weekday completely turned my exhausted moment around and changed the course of my day.

Isn’t that crazy? 

Sometimes all it takes is one message or look or act of kindness to strike something so deeply within your soul that you feel like all your tiny pieces were just hugged back together.

Thank you to the beautiful soul who put these kind words into my life when I needed them the most, and for inspiring me to keep the cycle going! Studies have shown that putting happiness out into the world not only benefits those around you, but will benefit yourself in a very powerful way.

So, keep up the kindness! What’s better than feeling good by making others feel good?

Strive for a happier day through these four simple daily acts of kindness:

1. Give a sincere and genuine compliment

Do you remember the last time you were given a really nice compliment? 

How great did that feel? 

Many positive qualities about people tend to go unacknowledged because they are just assumed — if we see it, then they must see it too…right?

Sincere compliments give others a boost of confidence and remind people that the qualities they possess are important. The people you love really might not know how amazing they are, so tell them!

2. Express your gratitude

So often we take the little things for granted because they’re things we’re used to having or being around on a day-to-day basis. 

Take a moment to think about all the small things those around you do, maybe it’s bringing your clean laundry up to your room (thank you Ann!!) or always being the one to unload the dishwasher; either way, it wasn’t their responsibility but they did it anyway. 

Be vocally thankful for the all the little things in life — especially the ones people do to make your life better! 

3. Be present 

There is nothing more saddening than being in a conversation where the other person isn’t fully listening to you.

So, whether it is helping someone through a tough decision or just actively listening to them vent: be present, be engaging, and let people know you care. (And put your phone down when you’re talking to them!) Simply being there and really listening makes people feel validated and loved!

4. Throw the L-word around like confetti   

We are all used to throwing ‘I love yous’ to our parents and extended family, but what about the others?

You may not be comfortable telling people you love them, but giving meaning to the connection you share is a powerful way to make them feel important. 

Tell people how much you care while you can, I promise it will always mean a whole lot. 

I want to hear from you in the comments below! 

Do you ever do these little things? What has it felt like when someone was kind to you? How do you make the world a kinder place?

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