Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop

The love story you NEED to read.

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The Little Paris Bookshop book cover

In life, we all struggle with things that have hurt us in the past. Whether that’s not feeling enough, feeling trapped in a life you wish was different, or fearing the future, that’s something we can all agree on.

Something else we can agree on, as book lovers, is that the right book can help calm those troubles and insecurities. The right book can take you on an adventure and introduce you to the ideas that you need to conquer your problems outside of its pages.

The Little Paris Bookshop can take you on one such adventure.

About The Book:

Lonely booksellers, hiding out in a ship full of books dubbed The Literary Apothecary, give customers exactly what they need to read to help them through whatever life has thrown at them. They use books like medicine for the soul.

The booksellers, however, need medicine of their own. They soon leave home on a spur of the moment decision to try to come to terms with what’s haunting them. 

The booksellers address familiar issues — mourning a past love, fear of never finding their big love, worrying that the person you were in love with isn’t who you thought they were. Each adventure they face helps them learn to live again, no matter what’s holding them back.

The Little Paris Bookshop is a love story that shows that passion, romance, and grand stories can happen even when you think it’s too late.

What I Loved:

  • The Love Stories (Duh!). George writes a variety of different relationships in this book, and all of them show a different kind of love. There are loves that last decades and a love that lasts only a dance. There are small loves and big ones. There are a billion different kinds of love to have, and George writes them all brilliantly.
  • The Beautiful Scenery. From a boat full of books to colorful, lively ports, the story is told in gorgeous detail through the eyes of a character who has learned to appreciate the beauty of the world around him.
  • The List of Prescribed Books. The list in the last pages of the book provides a classic reading list to help you through whatever ails you, along with their side effects—longing to stroke a cat, singing in the shower, lovesickness, etc.

Concluding Thoughts

Side effects of reading The Little Paris Bookshop include (but are not limited to): patience, a need for adventure, dancing, and feeling alive. It cures the feeling of being lost or too late to make a difference. 

Basically, it’s the perfect book for anyone who needs a little romance – or just a little pick me up during the middle of the semester.

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