Post-Election Apathy: It’s Not Cool to Not Give a Sh*t

Political activism is important – follow these tips to stay woke, even when there isn’t an election hanging over your head!

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I was given the opportunity to do live social media coverage during the midterm elections this past Tuesday, here is a picture of me with my credentials from the night!

With every passing year, being politically informed becomes increasingly important. 

We live in a world where one voice can make a difference, and voicing our opinions as a collective will spark a change. 

Not knowing or not caring about politics is not cool anymore; though many of the problems we face today may feel far from you, they are not. They touch so many lives, and will one day touch yours as well, although I guarantee they already do in ways you can’t see.

We have no time for post-election apathy in a world that needs everyone to give a sh*t.

During election season, every news outlet runs political coverage, detailing who is running, what their platform is, and what the issues are. It’s impossible, in fact, to miss it.

But what happens when the hype dies down?

*jumps up and down* People care and stay informed!!!

Unfortunately, the truth is that the number of informed Americans tapers off post-election because there’s less coverage of politics in the news, plus the natural conversation between friends turns to other things.

But, being informed through all seasons is IMPORTANT!

Here are 4 ways you can stay motivated and informed, no matter the time of the year:

1. Find a Passion

The first step to staying politically motivated is by finding something you genuinely care about. 

These passions can range from issues that affect society as a whole to issues that affect one specific group of people. 

I find my passion in being a woman who empowers other women. Additionally, I’m passionate about being a woman who is well-informed of my rights and ready to fight if one of those rights gets taken from me! 

If you stand for something you’re passionate about, you will never lose interest in the political decisions that will affect you! 

2. Find a Group 

What’s that super lame and cliche saying?

Oh, right: it takes a village. 

You alone can make a difference but voices in numbers bring on revolutions! 

Go out and find a group of people who stand for your same values and who support the candidates who protect them. 

Staying motivated is so much easier when you surround yourself with motivated individuals!

3.  Subscribe to the News

The easiest way to stay informed is by reading *dun, dun, duhnnn* the news! 

If you’re not a big news follower already, an easy way to ease yourself in is my subscribing to services that send newsletters and updates right to your phone! There are tons off apps out there that push notifications to you as things happen — your favorite news outlet probably has one.

Beyond that, the options are endless. If you like a more “fun,” conversational tone, try a service like the Skimm. Or if you want to hear from a variety of sources, simply use the iPhone news app.

The more you read, the more aware you are, the more educated you are, and the more politically driven you are!

4. Be Active

Put your money where your mouth is, go out and do something!

Being politically active can be as small as being an informed voter or as big as marching in protests and advocating for a better tomorrow.

Fighting for what and who you believe in is the only way this country can change for the better!

Being politically aware is pertinent in a society that gleans its power from democracy. 

Don’t you want to change your country for the better? 

I know I do, and I am so grateful that there are so many powerful individuals who feel the same! So let’s not get complacent now that the election is over — let’s keep fighting for a better tomorrow.

I want to hear from you in the comments below!

How do you stay politically aware and active all year round? What sites do you find give you the best news? What advice would you have for someone looking to be more politically driven?

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