How to Stay Motivated the Rest of this Semester

Let’s be honest, after spring break, it’s hard to stay on track.

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If we’re being honest, this article was inspired by my current lack of motivation. It’s easy to to just throw in the towel at this point in the semester because everything is really overwhelming. Don’t worry too much though because these are tested tricks that will definitely help. 

I read somewhere once that you should never say that you’ve “given up” on something. That means you’ve already lost. You should just say that you’re “demotivated.” This slight difference is major because instead of just being over it, you’re more inclined to find ways to move past this demotivation.

1. Get out of your dorm/apartment. 

Girl wearing a watch working on a computer with a coffee next to her.

This is my first tip because it totally works for me. I normally can only do work outside of my apartment because if I’m in my room it’s too easy to get distracted. If I’m out somewhere like Starbucks or Panera then I’m like “okay, well I drove all the way out here so I definitely need to focus now.” 

This is also nice because you can get some coffee or food while you’re there and it’ll give a nice ATP boost to your system. I generally love starting my mornings off here. On Mondays and Wednesdays I don’t have my first class until 11:20 so generally I’ll go to a local coffee shop and get lots of things done. These sessions really help my productivity throughout the week.

2. Stay organized. 

Photo including: a day designer planner, glasses, a furry pillow, and a laptop.

The last thing you need at this point in the semester is to forget your assignments. You’re so close to being done and you’re susceptible to letting things slide at this point (at least I know I am) so it’s best to make sure you keep track of everything. 

I have had so many meetings, assignments, and events in April that I am drained and over-exerted already! The only reason I am still pushing is because I wrote down every major event and assignment at the beginning of the month so that I wouldn’t get off track. This has helped immensely — one look at my list and I know what needs to be done, and when.

3. Complete assignments in advance.

Photo of laptop keyboard, a notebook with writing and a sticky note, and a pen.

I knew I had two huge group projects that would take up all my time this month and I also knew that I had to present at three symposiums the third week of April. I looked on my school site and found all of the assignments I could complete ASAP and did them immediately.

This method is such a good one because I had another project sprung on me last minute. If I hadn’t had all those homework assignments and quizzes done, I would be scrambling to do too many things at once last minute and it wouldn’t be my best work. 

4. Make time to relax.

Photo of girl wearing a gray sweater and black patterned socks reading a book and drinking coffee.

For me, the only way I can really chill out is alone in my bed with Netflix (no shame). Whatever works for you whether it’s going out, hanging with friends, or also binge-ing your favorite shows, make sure you recharge and don’t get too overwhelmed. 

This is probably the most necessary tip I have. If you burn yourself out the only thing that will do is make everything a lot harder to handle. Make sure not to forget that it is  completely okay to be overwhelmed and have a good 10 minute cry. After that, do a face mask, take a bath, and get back to being the girlboss you are.

5. Go to the gym.

Photo of brunette girl working out wearing a white sports bra, gray jacket, and black leggings.

This is a totally helpful tip that may seem trivial but IT WORKS. I have access to my school gym but my exercise of choice is to run a mile or two. I usually don’t have a large amount of time to do those three hour workouts, but fitting in a 30 min one is good for the soul.

My runs are something I look froward to. It’s 20-30 minutes for my own thoughts. I’m not distracted by anything and I often times come up with better ideas than when I am doing other things! They’re very therapeutic as well and help me work things out. 

If you have any other tips for fellow college ladies definitely add some in the comments!

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