How to Conquer the Sunday Scaries

Monday is coming… it’s inevitable. So let’s make your Sunday a bit less scary!

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Sunday on the calendar

I am now a few weeks into my school year and at the point where everything has just started to blur together.

I have the same class schedule, same work schedule, and same mental breakdown every Sunday night due to my impending Monday doom.

Whether you call them “Sunday Scaries” or not, you are probably not immune to that feeling: it starts when you wake up peacefully Sunday morning, then your mind fills with dread as you remember all the things you put off over the weekend and how much partying you did instead of sleeping. An overwhelmed feeling fills every inch of your body until you inevitably burst into snotty, ugly tears. Sound familiar? Sunday Scaries.

It is a universal truth that Mondays just stink no matter how much you love your job, classes, or day-to-day activities. But, just because Mondays are the root of all our greatest fears does not mean it has to put a damper on Sundays!

Conquer your Sunday Scaries in these 5 easy steps:

1. Live for Your Weeks, Not Just Your Weekends

Too often we find ourselves on a dreary Monday morning dreaming of our happy hour Fridays and fun time Saturdays. How can we expect to not feel slumpy on Sundays if there is nothing to look forward to?

Plan fun activities for your weeks, not just your weekends!

Whether it is taco Tuesdays with friends, a Wednesday night of pampering, or a Thursday movie night, plan something to look forward to on weekdays.

2. Don’t Let Your Bed Hold You Hostage

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and full of dread when you are just laying around thinking about it.



My advice: clean your room (yes, your sheets too), take a shower, light a yummy smelling candle, and get something accomplished (like washing ALL your underwear).

Getting it together will make you feel like you actually did something. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love rolling into a freshly cleaned bed at the end of a long Sunday?

3. Keep Yourself Positive

A great way of doing this is by staying active.

When your body is moving, endorphins are released in your head making you feel happy and positive!

Even if working out isn’t your thing, there are other ways to help heal your body and keep it feeling positive after a weekend, like a face mask, meditation, or just dancing to your favorite song.

4. Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Don’t dwell on that huge exam, your term paper, or that big meeting you have. Be in the moment of this glorious Sunday.

Do things and go places that you won’t be able to do or go to during the week.

5. When All Else Fails, Fill Your Monday with Your Favorite Things

If you’re really feeling like you can’t shake your Sunday Scaries, then maybe it is something deeper.

Fill your Mondays with things that fill you with happiness rather than give you anxiety! This could mean grabbing a latte before classes or listening to your favorite song while walking across campus. These little things that give you joy will make your Monday that much brighter.

Sundays are scary, but with these simple steps you can certainly ease that anxiety.

I want to hear from you in the comments below!

What do you do to combat the Sunday Scaries? Did these steps help you? What would your advice be to those who just can’t shake their Sunday night dread?

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