What to Wear to a Frat Party Based on Your Mood

Read this as a slightly satirical piece; please.

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As part of our series on clothes for college, today we’re talking about a rite of passage for all college students: frat parties. Whether you’re the next srat star or the idea of going out makes you want to hole up in bed under your covers, try it at least once just for the experience!

We’ve already talked about the college party clothes you need to have stocked in your wardrobe, so check out that post for the basics, then come back here.

Before we get into the outfits, here are some basics I can’t write this piece without mentioning. #safetyfirstkids

Basic tips for Srat Stars or Twenty-something Grandmas

1. HYDRATE. Even if you don’t plan on drinking anything alcoholic, you’re probably still going to be staying up late, dancing, or eating super salty junk foods. Hydrate to offset the poor life decisions that college students like to make, because you should be making more memories than mistakes.

2. Friends: Go out with your friend group or a buddy; things are always more fun in a group and again, you want to make sure someone has got your own back and your friends’ backs. Plus, who else is going to help you make a pregame playlist?

3. Wear inexpensive clothes: Keep that pair of super dirty old white Converse from high school; everyone needs a pair of “fratting” shoes. You truly don’t know how gross a frat house will be until you step inside. Keeping that in mind, expect that your clothes will come out sweaty and possibly stained from the night. Machine-washable clothing and Forever 21 are your best friends.

4. Plan for a safe return: Whether that means checking in with your friends before leaving, setting water, Advil, and makeup remover wipes next to your bed, or leaving out your coziest pajamas to reward yourself for surviving the dance floor. Make sure your room is ready for your return. At the very least, don’t leave clothes or shoes all over your floor. You will probably trip.

Now for the outfits! Moods are based upon well-known party songs or songs referencing parties; from personal experience, I’ve never heard “Here” at a frat party, likely because it would kill the vibe.

*The shoes shown here are new and pristine since stores don’t sell dirty shoes; do not wear new shoes to a frat house*

“Tik Tok”

Ke$ha - TiK ToK (Official HD Video)

This is the outfit for the girl who’s ready to get lit and party until the late AM. (Freshman at their first frat party, I’m looking at you.) Sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up for no reason other than to just have a wild night out.

Products: Body suit- Express, Jean skirt – Forever 21, Cross body bag – Target, Sneakers – Adidas

This halter neck body suit and jean skirt would look super cute together! Don’t forget a crossbody bag to carry your phone and other essentials. Cash is always better to carry than a credit card for a night out if you’re worried about overspending.

Also if you need a good laugh, listen to the Kidz Bop rendition of Tik Tok here.

“Mr. Brightside”

The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Official Music Video)

This is for the girl who’s exhausted but still trying to have a good time; basically the girl who owns the whole idea of rallying. This is the girl who embodies “Mr. Brightside”, aka the song that is always played at a frat party that’s starting to become a little dull. No other song will pull people back onto the dance floor in the am like “Mr. Brightside”.

Products: Crop top – Forever 21, Jeans – Madewell, Choker – Etsy, Shoes – Amazon

High-waisted jeans and a crop top take zero effort to put together, yet it’s a classic combo that still looks incredibly cute and party-ready.


Alessia Cara - Here (Official Video)

For the girl who’s just done and was probably dragged out by her friends. (Or she’s just in desperate need of free drinks; we’ve all been there). Social interaction means you can’t leave your house in your pj’s, so here’s the next closest thing you can wear.

Frat party outfit 3 - leather shorts, tank, converse, necklace

Products: Faux leather shorts – Asos, Bra top – Uniqlo, Choker – Etsy, White Converse – Converse

This tank top has a built-in bra which is insanely comfortable; I’ve worn this as a pajama top before, no problem. As for the faux leather shorts, they have a stretchy waistband. Comfort while still looking stylish: the ultimate goal. The shorts even have pockets! Throw on your favorite layering necklaces if you want a special touch.

“I Love It”

Icona Pop - I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

If you no longer care about anything and just want to look wild, wear an animal onesie. I have seen girls doing this at frat parties, usually in association with a team or student group, but you know what, if you and your bestie are feeling done, why not?

Funny frat party outfit idea - unicorn onesie

Products: Unicorn Onesie – Amazon, Holographic Fanny Pack – Target, High tops – Converse

For this look I also recommend wearing a sports bra or bralette (whatever is more in your comfort zone) underneath in case you need to tie the top half around your waist if it becomes too warm. Running spandex (I love the Nike Pro ones), may also be a good idea.

What did you think of these “fratting” outfits? Would you actually wear these out? Did I miss an essential tip? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I 10/10 do NOT recommend wearing a skirt or any white shoes to a party. I have a designated pair of “frat shoes” that I wear to every party that are black and comfy. Keep in mind that you will have drinks spilt on you and people will step on you. Less is more when it comes to outfits and accessories and I recommend sharing location on an app with your group you go to the parties with. be safe and smart and there shouldn’t be many issues.


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