6 Reasons Why I Love Skincare – And You Should Too

I love skincare and I think you should too! Here are my 6 reasons why I love it.

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Skincare is a great passion of mine. It has helped both my skin and my mind.

For many people, skincare can be seen as a chore and might be something that is skipped over. But for me, skincare is more than something that needs to be done, it is a tool that helps me to improve my life.

In this post I am going to highlight six reasons why I love skincare and why I’m passionate about it. I hope that they help you to foster a love for it, too!

1. Tackling current skin issues

This is the most basic and immediate benefit of skincare. Choosing the correct skincare products can give you relief from your current skin care issues and visibly improve your skin.

Whether that is acne or dullness, skincare products can help to heal your skin and actively prevent your skin issues from returning.

(For more on addressing skin issues, see our simple skincare routine post, and our custom routines for dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin.)

2. Skin preservation

While healing current skin issues is important, many products also help to retain your skin’s state and prevent the long term effects of your skin issues.

You can, of course, use anti-aging products to facilitate the preservation of your skin but many other types of products indirectly support the preservation of your skin.

For instance, by using anti-acne products, you are reducing the chances of long term scarring. Sunscreen prevents deep skin damage that will manifest as dark patches later in life. And using a good cleanser and removing all of your makeup at night will prevent your skin from clogging and allow the skin to heal correctly.

3. Routine

I enjoy a good routine in life; a routine helps me mentally prepare for what is to come.

Setting time aside to do my skincare in the morning prepares me for the day and keeps me from crawling back in bed. At night, doing my skincare routine mentally prepares me for bed and helps me to remove myself from daily distractions.

Relaxing bath

4. Self Care

The self care of skincare is closely tied with routine. Taking the time for yourself every day is important for your wellbeing. In this way, you are taking care of both the physical and mental self.

A great way to improve your mental health is to make changes to the things you can in life. If it is difficult to make mental changes, making physical ones can change your mental state. By taking a minute to have a hot bath to relieve tension or applying a mask to hydrate the face, you can soothe your mental state.

5. Bare skin confidence

Between pressure from the media and teenage acne scarring, many of us have grown up feeling that we have to wear makeup. Regardless of the reason why we wear makeup, having nice looking skin is a confidence booster. Base products are great for giving so many people the confidence that they want in their life. But rocking your bare skin is great, too.

If you are a person who is uncomfortable with the state of your bare skin, taking great care of it is the best way to regain everyday confidence without makeup. I personally have been struggling with scaring lately, but I am adjusting my skincare products and sticking to my new routine and through my efforts I feel comfortable in my bare skin again.

But don’t get me wrong, I love expressing myself through makeup as well! It’s all about understanding yourself and balancing your confidence with and without makeup.

6. Control

When in university you are bombarded with things that you cannot control. You may have five exams in one week plus a dance performance and your mom’s birthday — oh, and then you get sick. As the semester gets busy, it becomes a struggle to control everything that happens to you and in your life. The stress of school can affect you in many unexpected ways that are beyond your control.

Taking time for your skincare is one small way that your can control your life when things are chaotic. I find skincare to be very versatile, you can pare up or down your routine depending on how much time you have. Something as simple as micellar water and a moisturizer at night is enough to change your attitude and your skin.

Why do you love skincare? Let me know below!

Any other skincare fans here? If so, why do you love skincare so much? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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