Quiz: Which Summer 2019 Nail Art Trend Should You Try?

Nail your look this Summer!

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Every day, it seems like there’s a new nail art trend coming out! And, that couldn’t be more true this Summer, when it seems like everyone and their mother is getting tiny works of art painted on their fingertips!

From quirky to cool, there’s a Summer 2019 nail trend for everybody! But, what if you’re not sure where to begin looking for #nailinspo?

Well, you take this handy (ha) personality quiz, of course!

When you’re finished the quiz, scroll down to see what your result says about your personality and style!

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Quiz Results

Here are the quiz results; remember, no peeking until you’ve finished the quiz!

Tie-Dye Nails

You’re adventurous, spontaneous, and artsy, which is what makes tie-dye nails the perfect complement to your personality!

Though you’re usually outgoing, you also value your alone time, as that’s when you’re most creative. When it comes to fashion and beauty, the bolder the better: You’re not afraid to try new things, and are definitely a trendsetter!

Aside from tie-dye nails, some trends you should try this season include: boiler suits, neon clothing, tiny handbags, and bright eyeshadow.

Cow Print Nails


You’re cool, a little quirky, and have an amazing sense of humor; that’s why you should try cheeky cow print nails!

Always one who appreciates a killer look, you’ve got your finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. You also have a great eye for detail, and never fail to turn heads with your sense of style, which often contains an element of fun.

Aside from cow print nails, some trends you should try this season include: bike shorts, blazers in pastel colors, clear accessories, and shimmery body oil.

Butterfly Nails

You’re sophisticated, sweet, and love making new friends. This makes you a perfect match for butterfly nails!

Though you like being social, you also need time to recharge from time to time. You’re give great advice, and are the first person your friends come to when in a style or relationship rut. While you don’t follow every trend, your outfits are always on point, and usually have some sort of feminine touch.

Aside from butterfly nails, some trends you should try this season include: dresses/tops with puffy sleeves, basket bags, baroque pearl jewelry, and sparkly lip gloss.

Multi-Colored Nails

You’re caring, non-judgmental, and have a strong sense of self, which is why you should be sure to try multi-colored nails!

You are very understanding, and people know that they can tell you anything, no matter what! As for your sense of style, you aren’t super adventurous or out-there. However, you definitely know what looks good and are great at picking out classy and flattering pieces.

Aside from multi-colored nails, some trends you should try this season include: pearl hair clips, denim bermuda shorts, cat-eye sunglasses, and bright, glossy lips.

Which result did you get?

Does your quiz result mesh with your style/personality, or did you get something a little more unexpected? Are you inspired to try any of the nail art trends featured in the quiz? What are some other nail art trends you’ve been liking lately?

Let me know in the comments!

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