Study Shows Makeup Affects Mood

A study suggests that makeup can affect more than the way you look – it truly can change the way you feel inside.

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Yet another reason that your morning makeup routine is worth the extra time: a new study proves that makeup affects both your mood and also the way you are perceived socially.

Students at the London College of Fashion polled 1,026 people and found:

  • 85% of women thought wearing makeup helped lift their mood on a bad day.
  • 8 out of 10 women said that they preferred their female colleagues to wear makeup.
  • 78% said they believed wearing makeup affected the way they were treated by others.
  • 80% of women said they would rather employ a woman who wore makeup than one who didn’t.
  • 67% believed they got better treatment from others when they wore makeup.

The results don’t lie. While I don’t think you should be required to spend hours getting ready every day, a little bit of concealer and mascara can make a HUGE difference on anyone. And besides, if you enjoy wearing makeup anyway, why not play with makeup and feel good about it?

Because I’m curious, I thought I would ask CF readers to answer. What do you think about this study and makeup in general? Leave a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Study Shows Makeup Affects Mood”

  1. salut,j’ai trop ce college,et comme j’aime le maquillage,j’aimerai bien avoir des renseignement sur ce collge car je veux m’inscrire.p

  2. even a touch of mascara and tinted moisturizer or foundation helps… it helps me look great, oh a bit of eyeshadow too..

  3. I think i definatly feel better when i wear makeup, because when you look good you dont have to worry about when you can get to the next mirror to see if that zit you saw this morning has gotten worse. You know you look okay so you can focus on whats really important that day. [it also doesnt hurt when your looking to catch the cutie’s eye who sit next to you in]

  4. a – Sorry if that came off wrong to you. I didn’t mean to insinuate that wearing makeup is necessary to feel like or “be” a girl! I was trying to say that playing with makeup can be fun and creative, so it makes sense that it would make us feel good on average. The question was also posed to ask why not get as much enjoyment as possible out of the “getting ready” routine? Again I apologize if you were offended – makeup wearing is a personal choice and the point of the article was that feeling good about ourselves (barefaced or not) is something we should all aim to achieve.

  5. While I totally believe in “feel your worst, look your best”, I think this statement: “And besides, being a girl is so fun – why not play with makeup and feel good about it?” is a little bit off. I feel plenty great about being a girl with no makeup, just clean skin and hair. Makeup can be fun, but it’s also not totally necessary to “being a girl”. I tend to opt for makeup in situations where it counts…at work, when meeting professors, when attending a formal or checking out a fancy resto.


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