My Ride or Die Skincare Necessities

These are my ride or die products that I cannot do without!

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I love skin care and beauty products and have written many posts about skincare for others. Now I want to share my all-time favorite skincare products with you.

For reference, I struggle with oily skin and minor blemishes that pop up when I haven’t cleansed my skin thoroughly enough.

These are my ride or die skincare products that I cannot live without.

Glam Glow Super Mud Face Mask

My number one face mask is the Glam Glow Super Mud Face Mask. Before I used this product I thought that it was just a big name brand selling their products for too much. But was I ever wrong.

This mask works wonders for blemish prone skin and for me, it is worth every penny spent on it. I also have found that this mask takes a while to get through and has a great shelf life of 2 years so you’ll never end up wasting product.

Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches

I love applying under eye patches, but because they often come in small packs or individually they can become quite expensive.

I love the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Patches because they come in a tub with plenty of under eye patches that make me feel much better about using them and they feel amazing. And you can use these patches wherever you need a bit of extra hydration.

The shape is perfect to palace on your laugh lines and contour to the curves of your face. They’re amazing and I highly recommend them.

For different skin issues they also offer cucumber eye patches and gold eye patches in the same format.

Lip Balms

I am a lip balm fanatic, I have them everywhere. One in my bedside table, one at my desk, one in every purse and many extras in my bathroom. And I love trying new ones.

One of my favorite lip balms is the Sephora Lip Balms that come in all sorts of flavors (coconut is the only one I have tried), not only is the lip balm great but the packaging is cute and they each do different things so you can pick up the right one for you!

The Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip has an SPF of 25 so it is great for the summer and the Black Tea and Blackberry flavor is lovely. I will be keeping one of these in my collection for a while.

A new addition for me is the NYX #ThisIsEverything Lip Oil and I am loving it, it gives a beautiful glossy look to the lip without being sticky or thick.

Last, but not least, of course I couldn’t do without a couple of Burt’s Bees lip balms here and there, my favorite flavors are the Vanilla Bean balm and the Red Raspberry Flavor Crystals balm, which smells exactly like the Flintstones vitamins I used to take when I was young.

Boscia White Charcoal Primer

I will never live without the Boscia Porefecting White Charcoal Mattifying Treatment Primer while I have oily skin.

This is my absolute favorite mattifying primer. I have recommended this primer before, and for good reason. This primer will keep you matte all day long.

When you first put it on, you can feel it sucking up that excess oil which is a bit of an odd feeling but you’ll get used to it the more you use it… and trust me, you’ll be using it a lot.

Oil Control Mist

While on the topic of staying matte, I have found a new love. The summer can be a though time to keep oily skin at bay, so a mattifying mist is a great way to touch up throughout the day. It’ll help to refresh your skin and get rid of some of that excess oil.

The one I’ve been loving is the E.L.F. Cosmetics Oil Control Primer Mist, it can be used before or after makeup so its great for banishing oils throughout the day.

Which skincare products can you not do without? Let me know in the comments below!

1 thought on “My Ride or Die Skincare Necessities”

  1. Finally! A short & sweet, to the point list of budget friendly beauty products that within reach for a busy stay at home mom of 4, (including 2yr old twins – I’m a twin myself!)
    Before kids, I could do the 2 hour baths, use lux products and meander a whole Saturday afternoon in Sephora or Ulta or Nordstrom’s where the CHANEL rep knew me well and with my purchases LOAD me up with tons of samples. I’m talking a bag ful. And lastly, at least for now, I can sit at my vanity, carefully prepping and artfully making up my face. (Makeup remover, wash, scrub, mask, toner, serum (2 kinds) and finally my CHANEL le teint foundation and a few sprays of COCO Mademoiselle! Of course or in Winter, Calvin Klein Obsession Perfume. I regularly got my nails done (always with Essie Wicked) my hair flaxen blond down to the middle of my back- I loved my perfect fitting low rise “SEVEN” jeans, usually a black sparkly top, an arm full of jingling bracelets and always hoop earrings.
    I loved it all so much. But when babies started coming, little by little, I had to abandon the everyday glam. I did try to take care of my skin – and hoarded every drop of the high end products that I’d been using for years. When my bottle of advanced night repair actually went bone dry, I was deflated. Than the rest – so what I thought. I just used whatever bar soap was by the sink, and shared the baby lotion. No haircuts – I wore a perpetual pony. No manicures. And baths? Ha ha ha. I was lucky if i could do a 2 minute shower and just use the shampoo to clean head to toe and hop out before nap time is over.
    It got to the point I couldn’t even remember my last shower, or used makeup, I confess, there were a couple times I just used Fabreeze all over and called it a day.
    The twins are easy babies and keep each other amused ( I caught one helping the other climb out of their playpen) the older 2, my boys, are now in kindergarten & 1st grade. So maybe I can allow myself a bit of me time. I’m ordering the cleanser & the glam glow mask which I’ve used before and it’s magical. Who knows, maybe in a year or so I can visit my pal sales lady at my beloved CHANEL counter. ( thank goodness for the samples- thanks Riemann!


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