5 Best Heated Eyelash Curlers of 2024

If you’ve never tried a heated eyelash curler before, here’s everything you need to know.

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Top 5 best heated eyelash curlers of 2022

You already know that hot tools are the best way to get curls in your hair… but have you ever thought about using heat to set your lashes? Heated eyelash curlers are all the rage this year and while the concept sounds crazy, we’ve found that they’re actually safe, not to mention quite effective.

If you’re interested in trying a heated curler or just want to learn more about what these are about, this post has all the details.

Today, we’re reviewing the top 5 best heated eyelash curlers on the market, based on our own testing, customer reviews, and overall popularity. Get ready for the best lashes of your life!

5 Best Heated Eyelash Curlers:

1. Huakarad USB Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler

If you are looking for an all-around excellent heated eyelash curler, our top favorite is the Huakarad USB Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler. It comes in an easy-to-use flat shape, charges via USB, and has tons of features to help you control the temperature for your perfect (safe) curl.

I’m a huge fan of the flat push-up style of this one. Not only does it fit better in my makeup bag than traditional curlers, but it actually works better on my eyelashes too! If you’ve never tried a flat curler, definitely give this one a shot.

  • Curler Type: Flat with a wide-angle curler
  • USB Rechargeable? Yes
  • Multiple Temperature Settings? Yes

Recommended For: If you’re looking for a first heated eyelash curler to try, this is your perfect one! This curler is extremely effective and has so many awesome features that make it a pleasure to use.

From a temperature-sensing pad that changes color when your curler is ready to use, to a light that helps you do your lashes in dim lighting, this curler has it all. Not to mention, it’s fully USB-rechargeable so you never have to replace the batteries. And did I mention the flat design is a game-changer? Perfection.

2. Huakarad USB Rechargeable Eye Lash Curler with Comb

If you prefer a more classically shaped eyelash curler, the Huakarad USB Rechargeable Eye Lash Curler with Comb is another excellent curler that may be more comfortable for you. As with Huakarad’s other products (which include high-end facial cleansing brushes), this is USB-rechargeable with a Type-C connector.

  • Curler Type: Classic eyelash curler shape
  • USB Rechargeable? Yes
  • Multiple Temperature Settings? Yes

Recommended For: If you prefer a classic eyelash curler, this one is the best traditionally shaped heated eyelash curler on the market. It’s very effective, comes with two different temperature settings (low and high), and is fully rechargeable via USB.

Not to mention, this curler is super cute! It comes in lilac purple, white, and pink, so you can find one that fits your style.

3. Panasonic Heated Curved Eyelash Curler With Double Action Non-Stick Silicone Pads

If you don’t care about your curler being rechargeable and want something that’s easy to find in physical stores, Panasonic’s heated eyelash curler is a good accessible option. While I wouldn’t recommend it for a first-time user of heated curlers, it does the job and it’s easy to find most places you shop.

  • Curler Type: Flat with a wide-angle curler
  • USB Rechargeable? No
  • Multiple Temperature Settings? No

Recommended For: If you want an eyelash curler that really heats up, this one gets the hottest of the curlers we tried. For me, this wasn’t a benefit as I don’t like something super hot near my eye, and I don’t find that high heat is necessary for my lashes. However, if your lashes are super thick, this is a good option.

One drawback for me is that this isn’t rechargeable, and it does run through batteries pretty fast. So you will have to replace the batteries fairly often. It’s also the second priciest curler on the list, so keep that in mind.

4. Huakarad Heated Eyelash Comb Curler

Heated eyelash curlers also come in an interesting wand shape that’s reminiscent of a mascara wand. Our favorite among these is the Huakarad Heated Eyelash Comb Curler.

A benefit to the mascara wand shape is that it makes the curler super low-profile and easy to travel with — just put it in your makeup bag and go. It’s also good if you don’t like the feeling of clamping your lashes in a curler. It’s all down to your preference.

  • Curler Type: Wand
  • USB Rechargeable? Yes
  • Multiple Temperature Settings? Yes

Recommended For: If you want a low-profile eyelash curler for travel, give this one a shot! Its mascara wand shape makes it intuitive to use, and like most of the other curlers on this list, it’s USB rechargeable and has multiple temperature settings.

After testing out different curlers, I’ve found that I personally prefer the flat style of the rose pink Huakarad curler above to the wand style here. I like to clamp my lashes and I do find that the clamping motion helps hold my curl better, for longer. It’s all about what works best for your lashes, though!

5. Dust2oasis Electric Eyelash Curler Heated with Eyelash Comb

Looking for a heated eyelash curler set with lots of bells and whistles? The Dust2oasis Electric Eyelash Curler Heated with Eyelash Comb comes with multiple accessories and is very well-reviewed.

This curler also comes in the wand shape shown above, so if you like that style, this is a great set that costs a bit more money than the Huakarad option. It also comes with a matching eyelash comb and eyebrow brush so you can get your brows in shape too.

  • Curler Type: Wand-shape
  • USB Rechargeable? Yes
  • Multiple Temperature Settings? Yes

Recommended For: If you like the mascara wand-shaped heated eyelash curlers and want something with a bunch of extras, this is a great set to consider. It has a whole kit to help you do your lashes. The curler is also USB-rechargeable and has multiple temperature settings (3 to be exact).

Personally, I already have an eyelash comb and I don’t use eyebrow brushes, so those don’t add value to me, but I do like the idea of this set as a gift.

Would you try a heated eyelash curler?

What do you think of our guide to the best heated eyelash curlers? Are you going to try one out or are you not into putting heat anywhere near your eye? If you’ve tried one, which one is your fave? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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