Bohemian Style 101: 3 Simple Boho Makeup Looks

To finish off our bohemian style guide, here’s some makeup that is almost as carefree as the boho attitude.

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Photos: Cin City, Desi Perkins (tutorials below)

With the first weekend of Coachella wrapping up, bohemian styles are front and center in the fashion world. So we are ready with the final installment of our bohemian style series: our bohemian makeup guide.

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No matter the occasion, bohemian style is based around a mainly neutral look with the focus being around the eyes. Below are three different boho makeup tutorials perfect to rock at Coachella, going to class, a night out, and everything in between.

Boho Makeup – Daytime look:

This golden look by Cin City is subtle yet beautiful and is perfect for more casual situations such as class or daytime activities. This look is also super easy to do and requires minimal effort or makeup skills.

Try pairing this makeup look with a casual outfit such as jeans or a flowy summer dress.

Boho Makeup – Dramatic night out:

Dramatic Bohemian Makeup Look

This look by Desi Perkins is dark and dramatic but also is somewhat casual. The dark eyes are the most intriguing part of this makeup look, sure to turn heads.

This look is best for nighttime activities such as a nice dinner or going out with friends, but it can also be worn during the day if you like having a heavier makeup look.

The best part is, this look is super easy and can be done in a few minutes.

Boho Makeup – Formal and fire-y red:

I love the colors of this look. This is definitely a step up from the other two looks but again, it is really easy to do!

The darker red makes this look a bit more elegant than the previous two but it can also be worn to more casual situations, especially with the addition of the white dots.

This look is perfect for a formal event but with the addition of the white dots, it would be perfect for festivals as well. Either try this look with a beautiful dress for night or with your favorite jeans and a blouse for a festival.

What is a bohemian makeup look that you love? Any advice to other boho girls?

Bohemian makeup is the best because it focuses on the eyes, my favorite feature, but it is also simple and pairs with any outfit, any time of day. You just have to be confident enough to rock it!

I hope these tutorials have given you some ideas for boho makeup to pair with your bohemian outfits. If you try any of these tutorials, make sure to leave a comment below and let me know how you liked them!

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