Would You Wear... a Knee-Length Denim Skirt?

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The knee-length denim skirt trend on celebrities Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst, and Eva Mendes

Photos: Pacific Coast News

If cringe-worthy middle school trends come to mind when you think of the denim skirt, you are not alone. Remember the frayed, micro-mini jean skirts we all wore circa '05? Yep, me too.

Given their history, I never believed that denim skirts could look chic and polished.... but celebrities have been changing my mind about that recently. The current popularity of knee-length denim skirts has me excited to give these items a second chance.

Need styling tips? Look no further than Kirsten Dunst, Eva Mendes, and Jessica Alba above. Try pairing a knee-length (or slightly above-the-knee) denim skirt with a button-up blouse, a tied top, or wedges for a put-together outfit like Eva's, or opt for a belt and breezy tank for a casual look a la Jessica.

Would you wear a knee-length denim skirt?

Leave your comment below and tell us! Which celebrity look above is your favorite? Have you been wearing one this summer? How would you wear this trend?