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About Joy

My name is Joycelene Fernandez, though everyone calls me Joy. I'm a senior finishing up my last two terms of college as a Gender Studies and Psychology major with a History minor at Lawrence University.

I'm an avid fan of thrifting and sales bin diving, devouring delicious and possibly fatty food, and laughing uproariously over nothing with my friends. I follow popular culture pretty religiously when it comes to how it reflects contemporary views on race and gender as they're two of my main interests, both academically and for leisure. It should come to no surprise then that one of my goals in life is to help reinforce the notion that being a fierce feminist and loving fashion are not incompatible ideologies. In fact, I set out my outfits (usually involving a skirt or dress) every day with so much earnestness, it often looks as though my very life depends on it-- which is how I think you should approach everything in life. My favorite things in life are really cheesy 80s and 90s pop music, online window shopping, and guiltless napping.

If you're interested in some somewhat academically based reactions to popular culture, race, culture, or feminism in general, definitely check out my blog, Busting the Iron Maiden. I have also finally decided to join Twitter, so you should follow me @feministealth ;)

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4 Ways to Stay Fashionable Without Hating Your Body


Girl measuring her stomach with a tape measure

(Image source) For my last article here on CF (where did the semester go?), I wanted to once again focus on a topic that I have personal interest in: body image. While it is important to try and maintain positive body image on the beach, I feel this message needs to be carried over into other aspects […]




Building Yourself Up: 3 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem


Girl holding up a card that says "I'm brave"

(Image source) Let’s face it: your quality of life is somewhat contingent on how you view yourself. Life seems rosier and more feasible when you believe you can face it head on; by that same token, when you lack confidence in yourself, otherwise simple tasks may seem insurmountable. However, feeling good about oneself is easier […]



4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Job


(Image source) Whether it’s a 9-5 law internship or just a part-time job at the supermarket, there’s a good chance that you’ll be working this summer, whether it’s with or without pay. Some of you may be excited for your summer plans; others of you may only be doing it for the money. But no […]