15 First Day of College Supplies You Need to Have on Hand

Be prepared for your first day of class with these items!

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This post will show you the first day of college supplies you should have on hand when school starts.

Photo from Princess Polly
Photo: Princess Polly

The fall semester is finally here! This means you are probably starting classes in the next week or two, if you haven’t already. Going to college can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful because you may not know what to expect, especially as a freshman.

You may already be anxious about your classes and the start of school, but you can plan ahead to take some of the stress off.

First, you will want to make sure that you are fully prepared for your first day of class so that you can make a great first impression with your classmates and especially your professors.

After all, you don’t want to be like Elle Woods on her first day of law school and not be prepared with all your school items like a laptop, backpack, etc.

Need some guidance? I’ve been there. This post will show you the 15 first day of college supplies you should consider buying for your first day of class!

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1. Computer Case

You will definitely want to bring your laptop with you to the first day of class because even though some professors may not ask you to use it, there are professors who are tech-savvy and may have documents you will need to look at online while in class like the syllabus and other class-related material.

Yes, you could use your phone for this, but having your laptop saves you a step since you can download the material right to your computer, where you’ll use it.

Therefore, you will also want to make sure that you have something to carry your laptop to class in. I recommend getting this laptop sleeve in pink, which will make carrying your laptop so much easier!

2. Writing Utensils

Obviously, you will also want to bring something to write with, like pens or pencils, for your first day of school. You never know when you might need them. For example, your professor might have you sign an attendance sheet or take notes on your first day, so having some writing utensils on you will make sure you are prepared.

Instead of just bringing the usual black or blue pen, you could go with some fun colored writing utensils like these Paper Mate gel pens to get you motivated to take notes for the start of class!

3. Caffeinated Beverage

A college staple. For those of us who have a first-day schedule that is packed with classes, you should seriously consider bringing a caffeinated beverage with you on your first day to keep you energized. Those 8AMs are no joke.

I always stock up on these Starbucks coffee drinks for college. They’re so good and easy to keep in the fridge and grab in the morning.

4. Wireless Headphones

If you are going to be on campus for the whole day, you may also want to consider purchasing some wireless earbuds like these.

These will be perfect if you want to listen to music on your way to class or while you are exploring campus for the first time! You’ll see these all over campus and I definitely recommend picking some up asap.

5. Backpack

Everyone knows how important having a backpack is, especially for the first day. To be able to bring all your first day of class items with you, you will definitely need a decent-sized backpack. I’m obsessed with this classic backpack from Herschel.

Not only will this help you carry all your things, but also the ash rose color makes it super cute and aesthetic!

6. Baseball Cap

For those of us who go to colleges where the weather is warmer, you should also consider bringing a baseball cap with you like this cute heart baseball cap.

This will make sure that you have some shade if you are unsure how sunny it will be walking on campus (hats are non-negotiable in Florida) and it is also an adorable item to add to your outfit!

7. Compact Mirror

This first day of college supply will definitely be a lifesaver if you are spending your first day of class on campus for the whole day.

You will want to look your best to make a great first impression, but walking around campus and going to class all day can be a lot. So, bring this pocket mirror in pink with you and you will be able to make sure your hair, makeup, etc. still looks good throughout the day.

8. Sunglasses

This is another essential first day of college supply for those of us who go to colleges in sunny states like Florida.

While trying to find your classes, you won’t want to have the headache of dealing with the sun in your face. So bring some cute and trendy sunglasses with you like these rectangle sunglasses in leopard brown to protect your eyes!

9. Planner

For those of us who are really into staying organized, you will want to bring a planner with you, even on the first day of college because your professors will be showing you your syllabi for classes, so you will want to write down all the important dates for homework, quizzes, exams, etc.

So, you could bring a cute planner like this 2021-2022 academic agenda to your first day of class to keep you on track.

For more on planners, be sure to see our guide to the best planners for college.

10. Mini Brush

If you plan on wearing your hair down for your first day of class, I would also consider bringing a hairbrush with you like this mini detangling brush.

Walking around all day, for me, can make my hair a mess, so I like to keep a little brush in my bag for quick touch ups.

11. Notebook

You probably already thought to bring a notebook with you for your first day of class, but for those of us who have multiple classes on their first day, you should purchase a notebook like this five-subject notebook.

This will make sure you have plenty of room to write all your notes for each of your classes on your first day. It’s way better than carrying 5 separate notebooks with you.

12. Pocket Umbrella

This is a must for areas with a lot of precipitation. On your first day of class, you will definitely not want to worry about the unpredictable weather patterns that could occur throughout the day.

You will have so many other things on your mind, so to prevent you from getting soaked in a potential rainstorm bring this mini travel umbrella with you!

13. Mini Hairspray

Again, walking around campus all day, for me, can lead to some crazy hair halfway through the day. (Florida has insane humidity.)

So, if you want to tame some frizz throughout the day or even keep curls intact that you put in your hair for your first day you should totally bring this mini John Frieda frizz ease firm hold hairspray with you!

14. Face Powder

If you plan on wearing some makeup on your first day of class, I would highly suggest bringing something with you to touch up your makeup throughout the day like this Laura Mercier mini translucent loose setting powder.

This will be a lifesaver, especially for those of us who have oily skin, because it will make sure your makeup stays intact!

15. Reusable Water Bottle

You probably already planned to bring a water bottle with you on your first day of class, but instead of bringing a regular plastic water bottle that you are going to throw away (seriously, please stop buying disposable water bottles), bring a reusable water bottle like this Brita water filter bottle.

This bottle is perfect because you can use it anywhere on campus, and you will have filtered water all day long!

What do you think of my first day of college supplies list?

What items from this list are you bringing on your first day of school? Anything you’re leaving home? Let me know in the comments below.

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