Hautelinks: Week of 3/31/16

We've got smart shopping tips, what's new at Forever 21, a contouring hack that saves money, a European packing list, and more.
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Hautelinks: Your Once-Weekly source for what's hot

Eye candy alert: These interior designs will have you drooling.

7 Strategies for Shopping Smarter, from Cupcakes + Cashmere. Fantastic tips.

Emily also shares how she maps out her week to ensure success.

Also from Vogue, such cool denim looks.

This new hashtag will introduce you to some awesome women you might not have otherwise known about.

The Budget Babe shares the best of what's new at Forever 21.

If your Insta needs more eye-candy, here are 29 hot guys of Instagram to follow today

A contouring hack that looks great AND saves you $$$ on makeup? Sign us up.

Wired delves into Netflix's plan to take over the world.

Not sure what to wear for this weird in-between weather? InStyle has some cute layering combos to try.

Here's how to make your bag look more high fashion.

Vulture seeks to explain our generation's obsession with Friends. (Long but worth it!)

LOVE Leandra Medine's essay on personal style in 2016.

Free People shows you how to whiten your clothes without bleach.

See also: 5 Clothing Care Hacks to Save Your Wardrobe. Memorized!

23 Milestones for Anyone Obsessed with Skincare & Beauty. Can relate to all.

And if you beauty addicts have an NYC visit coming up, here's your itinerary.

The best healthy & delicious things to buy at Trader Joe's, via The Fashion Spot.

In honor of the show's 10th anniversary, here are 10 things you never knew about Hannah Montana.

If you follow lots of bloggers on Insta, you've probably guessed this, but some personal style bloggers are making major bank AND getting free vacations from brands. Fashionista has a full rundown on how it works.

Yum! Lauren Conrad shares some spring brunch recipe ideas.

6 Podcasts for Makers. If you're crafty or creative, you need to check out this list.

I loved this Rolling Stone piece on James Franco's unconventional lifestyle.

This awesome Instagram account is bringing awareness to mental health issues.

If you're 19 going on 79, these are the products for you. <3

Dying to travel soon? Here are some nice hotels that are (mostly) affordable.

Speaking of travel, here's a great packing list for those going abroad this spring.

More for nomads: How to Manage Life and Work While Traveling

6 Quotes to Inspire the Best Version of Yourself.

This makes me happy: I Wore Insanely Bold Lip Colors For A Week And It Was Actually Awesome.

And here's what happened when someone "dressed bad" for a week.

These two recipes look AMAZING: Reeses Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cinnamon Roll Blondies.

The Glitter Guide shares their favorite photo editing apps. You can never have too many!

These DIY watercolor fabric napkins are gorgeous.

Buzzfeed asked ten women to style the same dress and here's the result.

Should you build a capsule wardrobe? We vote yes!

Love the idea of the 7 minute rule for using your phone during conversations. Going to give this a shot.

5 Trendy Hair Colors for Spring 2016, from The Blonde Salad.

PureWow has some great tips for saving $$$ at the grocery store.

I'm also intrigued by zero trash shopping - it sounds hard but worth trying!

7 Etsy Shops to Know, from Design Darling.

How to Write a Stand-Out Follow-Up, from Career Contessa. So important for those summer jobs and internships!

Motivation alert: Brain Tricks to Help You Overcome Fear and Live Your Dream.

And finally, the dog who did a maternity photo shoot had puppies and they're just as adorable!

One more: A lab playing with a baby bunny named Little John Stamos.

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