App(le) of My Eye: CityMapper

Summer travelers, this app will change your life.
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Throughout May I was traveling in Europe. And, as any tourist knows, one of the most difficult parts of traveling can be figuring out how to get to places without a car. Luckily, I had help. I downloaded the app CityMapper on the advice of friends who had been abroad. And, let me tell you, this one is a life-changer.

CityMapper is a trip planner app that allows you to find the best way possible to get from point A to B. It looks at the fastest and most convenient routes and even takes into account using taxis, Uber, and Lyft as possible modes of transportation. The app will tell you how long it takes to get to your destination and the cost, too (in case if you were wondering if the Uber was worth it).

This was really useful when I was abroad because it allowed me to easily navigate all the different modes of transportation available to me. The double decker buses in London, for example, weren’t so confusing any more and I was able to find all the hidden gems in each city that I visited. 

Even cooler: You can call cabs from the app if the closest Metro station has stopped running and it gives you real-time updates, too. So if there is a delay, you will be given the best alternative way to still get to where you are going!  

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The only downside to this app is that it is only currently available in 60 cities (which is why I used it for my day-to-day navigation abroad rather than at home). However if you want a transportation app for a city that's not on CityMapper, I would recommend Moovit which is available in 1000 cities (though the app performance can vary as it depends on user feedback for improvement). 

CityMapper is available for download on Google Play and iTunes

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