8 Amazing & Free Smartphone Apps for College Students

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These days, we live in a world full of smartphones. Able to do anything and everything, it seems like we would be lost without our precious cellular BFFs. (I know I would be!) Instead of just playing Angry Birds between classes, though, why not check out some free apps that could seriously help you out? Below are eight of my favorite apps for college students, covering organization, fitness and more:

1. Flashcard Apps

Flashcard apps for droid and iphone

For Android Users:

AnyMemo is really helpful for on-the-go studying. Simply enter the information you need to study and quiz yourself anytime you want. When you need to switch out material, you're able to add more cards and keep the old ones. You can even use the voice-to-text function with this app, which can help all you auditory learners to memorize more.

For iPhone Users:

Flashcards+ is a great app for tech-savvy students. With it, you're able to create and share flashcards on any device and over the internet. Study groups are instantly in sync and you can grab your friend's flashcards when in a pinch.

2. Class Organizers

Class organizer apps for droid and iphone

For Android Users:

HomeWork makes keeping track of classes and schoolwork a cinch. Enter any meeting, test date or deadline, then check them off when you're done. Having your work at your fingertips really helps you keep organized, especially during midterms and finals.

For iPhone Users:

inClass is another great app that keeps your school life in check. Add your classes, instructor info and other tasks that need completing, and this app will keep your head on straight during the busy terms. It's super fast and color-coordinated, which helps to make your days a little less daunting.

3. Fitness/Health

Fitness apps for droid and iphone

For Android Users:

Fitness Buddy Free keeps your workout routine lively with videos, routines, and instructions on how to use weightlifting equipment. You can even add your own exercises! The app will also help track weight loss results with the body metrics tracking.

For iPhone Users:

Workout Trainer not only has audio instructions for on-the go-fitness fanatics, but this app also offers workout routines designed for people who don't have all of the high-tech equipment -- meaning you can do these workouts in your dorm. You can also add a workout time to your reminders or post your results onto Facebook. Nothing like a little motivation to help keep you going towards your health goals!

4. Music

Music apps for droid and iphone

For Android Users:

Songza is a music playlist app that gives you lots of different choices depending on what time of day it is. Saturday night? Do you want party music or hanging-out-with-friends music? They've got playlists for both. Need some music to study to during the day? They have a playlist for that! I love listening to new music, but I never want to go to the trouble to compile a whole playlist - this app makes it easy to find music that suits my mood.

For iPhone Users:

Music Playlist is a fantastic app to use while driving or at special events. It's a playlist generator, meaning you simply search a song and add it to your playlist. It's powered by YouTube, so virtually any song can be found and put in a playlist. If you don't feel like creating your own list, this app also allows you to search and listen to other people's playlists.


Remember to take advantage of all the amazing apps out there that can help your grades, your health, and sanity! Do you guys have any Holy Grail apps? Will you be trying out any of the apps featured here? Tell us in the comments below!

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