Row - California State University, Los Angeles

I’m just a a 5’8 girl from the Bay Area, currently finding myself in Los Angeles. I absolutely love to talk to folks. I’m a people person which works well because I’m studying Communications with an emphasis in PR.

 I get curious easily so I took up a fashion merchandising major because I live and breathe it everyday. The curiosity has led me to take on photography and graphic design and I thank Canon and Photoshop to help me bring my visuals alive.

 I recently discovered how much I love writing, so I decided to intern at Shandy Media talking about celebrities and fashion. I continued the streak and joined my school newspaper and Hellz Bellz. If I had just as much passion for fashion as I do for Communications, I would probably be working my way to get to the high fashion houses, but for now I can indulge in Chanel and Givenchy accessories. Fashion doesn’t exist without art, and vice-versa and I love everything about those two things. Everyday, I gain some type of knowledge about art or fashion. I love when people, places, music, writing, or anything else inspires me. 

I am a true FRIENDS fan, and can watch it all day if I could. It makes me happy, just like food. I drink like an older woman, Gin Martini’s. Probably because I’m stressed all day trying to stay alive. Back to my curiosity, which is where my septum comes in. I have 5 holes and thats the only one I use. I’m nice. I’m always nice. 

I love criticism. I believe the ones that give me the harshest critiques are the ones that truly want me to succeed. On that note, please enjoy my articles.

If you have any requests for articles, please feel free to contact me in any of my social media platforms below.