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Annie - University of Toledo

Annie - University of Toledo

Hi I’m Annie, a fashion and style fanatic from the Midwest! I hope to apply my marketing and electronic commerce studies at the University of Toledo to the fashion industry. When I’m not studying or working at the local Forever 21, I am taking Instagram #ootd’s, doodling designs in my sketchbook, blogging, or watching random YouTube videos. 

I’m always on constant style watch. A lot of my inspiration comes from looking through high-fashion magazines, reading style blogs, and following designers on social media.

I am a firm believer that we should all flaunt our personal styles. They are our personalities expressed visually to the world. As for my style, I am attracted to minimal designs and neutral colors. My closet is full of high-waisted jeans, black booties, boxy crop tops, and men’s XL sweaters and flannels from the thrift store.

Follow me on Instagram (@anniiiepenn) for #ootd inspiration! And an occasional cat picture. I would love to discuss with fellow fashionistas about anything style and fashion!