5 Comfy Yet Chic Summer Outfit Formulas

Need a summer outfit idea? Here are our favorite go-to outfit combinations for the summer months.
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Need a summer outfit idea? Here are our favorite go-to outfit combinations for the summer months.
Summer outfit combos

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It’s the height of summer, and most days I look forward to getting ready and selecting an outfit to conquer my day in. But every once in a while there are lazy mornings where the thought of getting dressed in something other than sweatpants and an oversized tee seems more daunting than taking a Calculus test.

In my opinion, the best summer styles embody a carefree, relaxed spirit. However, there is a clear difference between effortless style and just plain sloppy. (Can I get an amen?) I think we can all admit to running errands in our pajamas - but you know what? We’re better than that. And let’s face it, you never know who you’ll run into on a random lazy Sunday morning picking up face wash at Target.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple: having a set of tried-and-true outfit combinations armed and ready for those days when you literally just can’t. In this article, I’ll be sharing five foolproof formulas for a comfy yet chic summer outfit. Read on to learn more:

Graphic Tee + Skater Skirt

Graphic tee and skater skirt outfits

French Tank, Polka Dot Skirt, Sun Print Tank, Black Skirt, Ombre Tank, Denim Skirt, Navy Tee, Burgundy Skirt

This is one of my favorite summer combos because it's super comfortable, plus skirts are an easy, breezy solution to the sweltering heat. Chances are, you probably own at least one of each of these items already, and the possibilities are endless. A feminine skirt instantly dresses up what would otherwise be a more casual outfit.

Shift Dress + Sandals

Shift dress and sandals outfit formula

Royal Blue Dress, Gold Gladiator Sandals, White Espadrilles, Mint Flowery Dress, Tribal Print Dress, Brown Sandals, Black Sandals, Maroon Dress

One of the absolute easiest and quickest outfits to throw together is a dress with a pair of sandals. I love dresses because you only have to put on one article of clothing, accessorize, and BAM you have an outfit. Shift style dresses are quite popular this season, and they are particularly wonderful because they are figure flattering and insanely comfy.

Solid Tank + Kimono + Cutoffs

Kimono jacket and denim shorts

Floral Kimono, White Crop Tank, Black Tank, Coral Kimono, Black Lacy Kimono, Light Denim Shorts, Dark Denim Shorts, Mint Kimono

The kimono jacket is another on-trend piece that has the magical ability to transform an otherwise drab outfit into a knockout look. They're perfectly light, yet provide enough warmth to protect you from the chilly AC when you go inside.

Try a brightly colored solid kimono with layered necklaces and bracelets, or a more intricately patterned kimono with some statement earrings for a stylish and cool summertime look.

Colored Shorts + Contrasting Top

Colored shorts and contrasting top looks

Striped Crop Top, Floral Shorts, Navy Tank, Coral Crochet Shorts, Polka Dot Shirt, Mint Shorts

Remember back in your elementary school art class when you learned about contrasting colors? Little did you know that your teacher's wise words would one day come in handy for those last minute fashion emergencies. Contrasting colors and patterns are an easy way to put together an outfit that looks ultra-chic.

Try contrasting a floral pattern with black-and-white stripes, a bright color with polka dots, or a complementary color scheme, such as peach and navy.

Chambray Shirt + Denim Bottoms

Double denim summer looks

Anchor Print Shirt, Denim Skirt, Button Up Chambray, Boyfriend Jeans, Tie Bottom Chambray, Denim Shorts

Denim on denim?! I know what you're thinking. How can that possibly be cute? I was also skeptical at first, but I promise that, when styled correctly, denim on denim can be fabulous.

The key to avoiding looking like you're wearing a "Canadian tuxedo" is contrasting the washes of denim. If you're wearing a darker top, opt for lighter bottoms and vice versa. Try it, I dare you!

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of these formulas? Have you used them before? What are your go-to outfit combinations when you're in a hurry? Let us know!

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