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Tristyn is one of our Looks on Campus contributors, covering student street style at SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Looks on Campus: Kayla – Savannah College of Art


Retro sunglasses at savannah college of art

One of the great things about being at school is seeing everyone’s distinct and personal styles. Seeing an amazing outfit on campus is always a highlight of my day. Recently, I was fortunate enough to step outside of my dorm and see Kayla wearing a stunning and edgy ensemble. Naturally, I asked to take her […]




Looks on Campus: Megan – Savannah College of Art


Megan scad thumbnail

In this day and age, fashion has no rules. If you feel like taking two different styles and mixing them together, that is completely fine! SCAD student Megan, for example, has taken that idea and made it the crux of her style philosophy. Read on to find out more about Megan’s trendy style. Megan 101 Name: Megan […]



Looks on Campus: Megan – Savannah College of Art


Megan earrings hair

While many people may know SCAD for their fashion department, it turns out that students from every department have inspirational personal style. For instance, I spotted Megan on my way out of Bergen Hall, the photography building. After seeing her around a few times before, I decided it was a great time to ask her all about […]