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Hi! I'm Alycia. I'm 22 (almost 23!) years old, and have already completed a bachelor of arts degree with honours majoring in English Language & Literature, from York University. This past year, I completed my minor in French Language & Literature at the University of Western Ontario. Beginning in September, I will be attending the University of Windsor for my teacher's college certificate (Junior/Intermediate Division. Basically that's grade 4 to grade 10). Right now I'm living with my mom and my brother in London, but I will very soon (thank goodness! haha) be moving out again.

I am a huge fashion junkie, as my friends will attest to, I'm sure. My closet is literally jam-packed with clothes... I should probably get rid of some, now that I think of it. I'm a real girly-girl. I love dresses and skirts... kind of "Blair Waldorf meets Audrey Hepburn," if I had to describe my style. I never wear heels because I hurt my knee, so flats have become my signature wardrobe staple. I love clean lines, and simple patterns, I'm not into the distressed/destroyed look at all.

I'm also definitely the kind of girl that friends come to for advice. Honestly about everything, not even joking. One of my girlfriends even went so far as to say "Ally, if I ever get famous, I am going to take you to Hollywood with me as my personal stylist!" haha. Although it's not really my ambition to be a personal stylist by any stretch of the imagination (I think I will leave that one to the likes of Rachel Zoe), I do really enjoy writing, and adore writing about fashion. I'm really excited to have this internship position with College Fashion! :-) I have been an avid reader since the website was started, and have even turned friends onto it!

I really hope my posts here are successful, because I've honestly always wanted to be a writer in some capacity or another. I took a few creative writing courses during my first 3 years of University, and I'm hoping that my training in that aspect will help here!

Anyway, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! I'll answer just about anything (within reason, of course)!

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