Would You Wear... Velvet Shoes?

Can't wait for the holidays? Rock some velvet footwear!
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Photo Credit: Net-a-Porter, ELLE

Velvet is a tricky fabric. Get it wet and it refuses to look the same. On clothes it has a tendency to be stubborn and never lay quite properly. That's why we're skeptical about an upcoming fall trend: velvet shoes.

This look is extremely luxe and will dress up any outfit. We love the idea of wearing velvet sneakers (like the ones below!) with a basic tee and jeans, but is it worth the risk of getting wet? 

Bottom line: if you love 'em, wear 'em. But there's no need to invest. 

Our picks... 

cute velvet shoes

  Product Information: H&M, ASOS, Keds

Would you wear velvet shoes? 

Or are you terrified of getting them wet? Do you think this trend will be around a long time? Comment below and let us know what you think! 

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