Would You Wear... Sheer Socks?

Translucent toes!
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Sheer socks trend (from left to right): sheer black mesh crew socks from Free People, red and navy colorblock ankle socks from ASOS, and white sheer mesh ankle socks with polka dots from Lulu's.

Product Information: Free People, ASOS, Lulu's

Here's the thing about fashion's latest trend, sheer socks: these are 100% a want item, not a need item. Practically speaking, there is no real use for sheer socks. That said, we still want them because these could potentially look very cool with the right shoes.

Sheer socks are ultra-light mesh socks, often decorated with seams, studs, or polka dots. Think of them more as accessories than a necessary footwear item. We're going to leave this one in your hands, readers: what do you think?

Sheer socks trend (from left to right): black studded sheer socks from Rue 21, black socks with colorful polka dots from Urban Outfitters, and sheer black panelled socks from Forever 21.

Product Information: Rue 21, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21

So what do you think of sheer socks?

Are these totally impractical and silly, or do you kind of love them? Would you wear them? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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