Would You Wear... Printed Sunglasses?

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Photo Credit: Liza M. on Lookbook.nu, and Issa T. on Lookbook.nu

If you're in the market for trendy new shades this summer, nothing will make you look more fly than a pair of printed sunglasses. While they may not prompt you to toss your signature Wayfarers, cat-eyes, or aviators, a pair of plaid or floral sunnies may be a great addition to your eyewear rotation.

Skeptics must keep in mind that sunglasses are just as much of an accessory as, say, a scarf or hat. Why not throw on a pair of statement shades to add punch to your outfit? Below, we've rounded up a few of our favorite printed pairs from around the web, all of which are college-girl-budget-friendly!

Cute and affordable printed sunglasses

Products: 1. $11.99 at Modcloth, 2. $5.80 at Charlotte Russe, 3. $39.99 at Modcloth, 4. $5.80 at Forever 21, 5. $9.99 at PacSun, 6. $12.00 at Fred Flare, 7. $32.00 at Topshop, 8. $5.50 at Charlotte Russe

We want to know... would you wear printed sunglasses?

And if so, what would you wear them with? Which style above is your favorite? Do you own a pair? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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