Would You Wear... Lavender Hair?

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Lady Gaga with Lavender Hair

From left: Lady Gaga in London, Proenza Schouler runway, Kelly Osbourne at the Academy Awards

Proenza Schouler Runway Lavender Hair
Kelly Osbourne Lavender Hair Academy Awards

Dying one's hair is not a particularly novel concept, nor is dying it a color not found in nature, particularly for the fashion savvy. However, lavender hair has been popping up on the red carpet and runways more and more these days, providing a new take on dyed hair. This take is significantly softer, more feminine and less bold than one may usually expect, but when it comes down to it, it is still purple hair.

As usual with fashion, the key to pulling off lavender hair is confidence. However, the color does particularly flatter pale skin tones, and if you have light hair to begin with, you are good to go. Bleaching your hair first is unfortunately necessary if you aren't naturally light-haired, making it more difficult to rock this look if your hair is dark. However, with heavy conditioning and attentive hair care, bleaching first may just be worth it to pull off such an unusual but pretty look.

Check out a couple of outfits I would wear (if I had the courage to rock lavender hair) below.

Outfit #1: A Soft, Ladylike Take

Ladylike Outfit Lavender Hair

Product Information: Hair Dye: Manic Panic in 'Mystic Heather', Pearl Necklace: Target, Pink Shift Dress: Topshop, Black Kitten Heels: Target, Lace Tights: Jonathon Aston

Outfit #2: A Little Punk Inspiration

Punk Inspired Outfit Lavender Hair

Product Information: Gold Hoop Earrings: Fantasy Jewelry Box, T-Shirt Dress: Markus Lupfer, Hair Dye: Manic Panic in 'Mystic Heather', Black Tights: Aristoc, Gold Bracelet: Juicy Couture, Work Boots: Topshop

What do you think?

Would you dye your hair lavender? What about another unnatural color? Do you like the look better on Gaga or Kelly Osbourne? What other colors have peaked your interest? Let me know in the comments!

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