Would You Wear... Feather Hair Extensions?

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As I was perusing the shops in Santa Monica for the after-Christmas sales, I noticed a handful of girls wearing feathers in their hair. Instead of these feathers being the normal chunky clip-in style, they were thin and styled along with girl's hair. One had a head full of curls and her feathers were curled as well.  Another had her hair in a wavy pony and her feathers were just as wavy and put in her updo.

After researching this unusual hair accessory, it came to my attention that feather hair extensions are a hot new trend, and can be treated just like one's natural hair. Usually, they can be straightened, washed, blow-dried and curled, and they last anywhere from 2-7 weeks.

Aside from Free People and Wendy Nichol's soho boutique, I haven't been able to find many places that carry these hair accessories. However, I think it's just a short matter of time before designers like Betsey Johnson and Juicy Couture jump onboard. Prepare yourself, because I think feather hair extensions are going to be the new way to change up your updo for 2011.

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Will you be wearing some feathered hair extensions?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this trend! Do you think this is a fun, easy way to change up your look? Will you be donning some new extensions? Or do you think this is a tacky look? Make sure to leave your thoughts below!

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