Would You Wear... a Wide-Brim Hat?

It's never been trendier to top off your fall look with a fancy hat.
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Photos courtesy of Elle.

When you think of wide-brim hats, you probably think of big, floppy summertime styles. However, the wide-brim hat has begun infiltrating fall outfits and we can't get enough of the look. 

Of course, we've always been a fan of hats. Running late or have a bad hair day? Throw on a hat. But this season, the wide-brim styles seen above and below are as fashion-forward as it gets. Celebrities have been rocking them with all their fall favorites and we are going to be quick to follow suit. 


Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, & Beyonce, courtesy of Pacific Coast News. 

What do you think of wide-brim hats? 

Do you think they flatter outfits? What would you wear yours with? Comment below and let us know what you think! 

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