Would You Wear... a Velvet Party Dress?

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Velvet Party Dress

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Whenever the holiday season rolls around, I stare at my closet waiting for something to inspire my party outfit. My normal dresses never seem festive enough for holiday party attire, so I always end up adding sparkly fingernails or a pair of shiny pumps. But velvet party dresses are absolutely perfect for holiday parties, and this year you'll find them everywhere.

While velvet party dresses are fun, they do have a downside: they're not versatile and are tricky to wear in other seasons. However, with plenty of cheap options available - like the one below from American Apparel, and more at Forever 21, Topshop, and H&M - it isn't like a velvet dress is an investment piece.

Velvet Party Dress Style

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Will you be wearing a velvet party dress to your holiday events?

Leave a comment below and let us know! Do you think this material is appropriate for party dresses, or do you think it looks to heavy?  Which look above is your favorite?  How do you wear your own?

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