Would You Wear... a Statement Brooch?

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The brooch fashion trend seen on the Glamourai, a street style fashionista, and the Duchess of Cambridge

Photo Credits: 1. The Glamourai, 2. ELLE.com, 3. Pacific Coast News

In case you needed another reason to go digging through your mother and grandmother's jewelry cabinets, Fall 2012 provides the perfect opportunity. Brooches are not a dated sign of the past any longer. In fact, they are incredibly popular this season.

Designers such as Oscar De La Renta and Lanvin sent statement-making brooches down the runway for Fall 2012. Even celebrities are getting into the trend: The Duchess of Cambridge, Michelle Obama, and Frida Pinto style theirs classically, while bloggers are rocking them in non-traditional ways and statement-making sizes.

Think of all the ways to wear a brooch - you can accessorize a sweater, scarf, hat, purse, or even your hair! A cluster of brooches is dramatic, and a sure way to make a statement, while a single brooch gives off a classy, elegant vibe.

Would you wear a statement brooch?

We want to know your thoughts on this trend - if you'd rock it, how would YOU wear it? Leave a comment below and give us the scoop. Are you into this trend, or is it too old fashioned for your taste? Which style above is your favorite?

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