Would You Wear... a Sheer Maxi Skirt?

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Sheer Maxi Skirt

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No, this isn't just something Lady Gaga wore once - the sheer maxi skirt is an actual trend. At least, it's a trend on all the fashion blogs and on FIDM's campus right now.

On the plus side, this look represents a fresh take on the maxi skirt trend we're seeing everywhere this season, and the breathable fabric offers an easy, comfortable way to wear a long skirt in hot weather. In addition, it's definitely a statement-making trend: After all, it's hard to ignore one of these skirts on the street!

However, while I love a glimpse of leg and subtle sexiness, I don't know that I'm fully on board with sheer maxis. The street style look above-left is the cutest way I've ever seen this trend worn, but in general, it seems difficult to pull off.

Around campus, I typically see girls wearing ultra-sheer skirts like the ones below. The semi-sheer ones (above) seem wearable, but the ultra-sheer ones shown below are just too much for my taste. However, if you are going to wear one (and more power to you if you choose to!), I recommend going with full coverage on top to avoid looking overly provocative.

More sheer maxi skirts

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Now that you know where I stand, what are your thoughts?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about sheer maxi skirts. Are these fresh and fun or too much? Do you have a rule about the amount of sheerness when it comes to picking one out for yourself?  Do you own any sheer skirts? How would you style one of these skirts - do you think it's possible to make one work? Leave a comment!

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