Would You Wear... a Jacquard Mini Skirt?

Need. This. In. My. Life. Now.
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Product Information: Express, ASOS, Urban Outfitters

When a pattern is sewn into a fabric with thread (rather than being printed directly onto the fabric), it is known as jacquard. Although jacquard has been around for centuries, in recent weeks jacquard miniskirts have been lighting up runways and stores across the world. 

These minis are ultra-luxe. Even if you wear them with a simple tee or a slouchy, torn-up sweater, they will instantly elevate your look. Think of all the possibilities for day-to-night wear! 


Product Information: Loft, Nasty Gal

Now we want to know what you think! 

Would you wear a jacquard miniskirt? What do you think of this style? Comment below and let us know. 

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