Would You Wear... a Cage Dress?

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Rihanna in a Funktional Cage Dress

From left: Rihanna in Funktional, Alexander Wang model on the runway, AnnaLynne McCord in Kimberley Ovitz

Alexander Wang Cage Dress
Annalynne McCord in a Kimberly Ovitz Cage Dress

Now that springtime is upon us, particularly for those of us in less-than-warm climates, clothing becomes more strategic. Getting dressed is all about showing a little skin and avoiding too much layering, but unfortunately it's still too cold to just throw on a sun dress (here in Canada, at least). One of the perfect sexy solutions for a spring night out is the cage dress.

This look peaks my interest because it is a much stronger, bolder way of showing skin than, for example, sheer clothing. The cage look is also a fantastic trend because it can be worn all over, Alexander Wang style, on part of the dress, a la AnnaLynne McCord, or as just an accent to a dress, as seen on Rihanna's structured sleeves above.

To be frank, this look is fierce. But how do you wear it? When rocking a cage dress, it's usually best to keep the rest of the look more simple, like Ms. McCord, to bring the focus to the right place. However, with this style, be bold! Show off the look and just run with it.

Check out a couple of outfits incorporating cage dresses below.

Outfit #1: Less is More

Cage Dress Less is More Outfit

Product Information: Caged Body Con Dress: Staple, Natural Make Up Kit: Too Faced, Silver Studs: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Blue Pumps: Eclectica Clothing

Outfit #2: More is More

Cage Dress More is More Outfit

Product Information: Cage Dress:  Alexander Wang, Make Up: M.A.C., Black Feather Earrings: Wet Seal, Red Boots: Dr. Martens

What do you think?

Would you wear a cage dress, or is the look too bold for you? Would you rock the whole thing, or just a touch like Rihanna? Let us know below!

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