Would You Wear... a Bra Over Your Top?

No guys, we're serious.
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Photo Credits: Zara, Kendall Jenner via Pacific Coast News.

Many weeks ago, Kendall Jenner stepped out in a bra over her top. At first we were confused by this rapidly-blossoming trend. Does this mean we have to wear two bras - one under our shirt and one over? Doesn't it just look like you got dressed while half-asleep in the dark?

The reaction in the fashion world was nearly immediate. It seemed like in every store we walked into, a mannequin was rocking a bustier or bralette over shirts of every variety: crop tops, oxford button-ups, and everyday tees. We're not sure how long this look will last, but one thing's for sure: It's probably gonna be everywhere soon.


Product Information: Mango, Nasty Gal, Barney's

We really want your opinion on this one!

Hit or miss? What's up with this style? Would you wear it? Comment below and let us know STAT.

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