Summer 2007 Essentials

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School's out for summer, temperatures are rising, and it's time to start enjoying your summer vacation. Kick off your summer in style and bring it to amazing status with some of the Summer 2007 Essentials. From footwear and bikinis to safe sunless tanners, here is your every summer need in one convenient list. (Cute summer boy and great music not included.)

  1. A Little White Dress
    Summer 2007's hottest trend in women's fashion is definitely the mini dress. Mini dresses show off your legs and work in practically any color. My favorite, however, is definitely white. After the dark colors we saw all winter, white is a fresh change. Plus, a pure white dress looks great on any skin tone, and will make you look tan even if you're fair-skinned. Some of my favorite little-white-dresses:
  2. A Great Bag
    Beach days and summer parties require a great bag to hold all your stuff in style. My favorite bags for summer are white, metallic, and/or brightly-colored. I also love tote-style bags because they fit everything! Forget about boring basics for summer '07 - it's all about fun, eye-catching looks. Some examples:
  3. Cute Swimsuit
    If you're still in the market for a great bikini or one piece, check out my post on The Top 5 Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2007. I'm loving bikinis in bold prints, polka dots and eyelet lace. If you want to cover up a little more, try a monokini to look just as hot with a little more coverage.
  4. Sunglasses
    To avoid getting wrinkles around your eyes from squinting, sunnies are a must for sunny summer days. This summer, styles for sunglasses range from classic chic to bright and funky. Big shades are still popular, as well as the classic aviator. The most popular colors: metallics, whites, clears, or reds. Some of my picks:
  5. Denim Shorts
    You heard right. Cutoffs are back in style this summer in a big way. We've seen stars such as Hayden Panettiere, Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton rocking this look lately, and the short-shorts look will stay hot all summer long. The celebrity must-have pair:

  6. Self-Tanning Lotion
    Don't fry your skin in the sun this summer! Laying out or using a tanning bed can seriously damage your skin and fast-forward the aging process. Wrinkles and skin cancer are not worth a cute tan now. Treat your skin right and self-tan! My favorite self-tanners are combined with lotion to create a natural looking non-orange tan:
  7. Espadrilles
    The hottest shoe for Summer 2007 is definitely the wedge-heeled Espadrille. Check out my favorite pair of espadrilles which I posted about a month or so ago. Also, check out Gap and Banana Republic's affiliate store Piperlime for tons more espadrilles. Piperlime's selection and prices are amazing.

Now that you know what to buy yourself for Summer 2007, all that's left to do is get out there in the sun and have an amazing next three months.. and wear some sunblock while you're at it.

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