Would You Wear... a Skinny Scarf?

Scarves are slimming down this summer - and we vote yes!
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Scarves may just be our favorite accessory. Through thick (and now) thin, they remain our go-to way to accent an outfit. Skinny scarves are taking the reins this summer, and we personally are on board with this trend. 

Small scarves add a dash of color, texture, and/or pattern without the bulkiness or warmth factor of the styles you've been rocking all winter. They look classy and cool, so we say this is a bandwagon worth jumping on. 

Our budget-friendly faves...


Product Information: ASOS, Tradesy, Topshop

Would you wear a skinny scarf?

Do you like this trend? Would you rock a thin scarf? What do you think about wearing scarves in warmer weatherComment below and let us know what you think!

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