Would You Wear... a Fishnet Paneled Swimsuit?

Ready or not, here swimwear season comes!
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Fishnet panelled swimsuit trend from left to right: stretchy pink one-piece swimsuit with fishnet inserts from ASOS, an athletic-style two-piece swimwear set with mesh overlay from Revolve, and a bright red scoop-neck one-piece swimsuit with a metallic Mermaid graphic from Forever 21.

Product Information: ASOS, Revolve, Forever 21

Typically we would advise against getting caught up in a net while swimming, but this season we are changing our tune. Fishnet paneled swimsuits are going to be all the rage this summer; you can mark our words.

Yes, spring break is upon us, so it's time to begin shopping for a new suit. For those of us with edgier styles, shopping for swimwear can be challenging. Swimsuits have a funny way of being ultra feminine or ultra boring. The fishnet paneled styles are a great alternative. The best part? You can find them in one-pieces and bikinis.

Fishnet panelled swimsuit trend: fire engine red halter one piece with large lattice fishnet covering a deep V-cut from Modcloth and a Kenneth Cole high-neck netted black one piece with open sides.

Product Information: Modcloth, Bloomingdale's

Would you ever wear a fishnet paneled swimsuit? 

Or do you dislike this style? What's your favorite swimwear trend? Comment below and let us know what you think! 

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