Would You Wear... a Contrasting Collar?

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Photo Credit: Derek Lam, Nordstrom, Alexander Wang

The past few seasons have brought a variety of changes to the traditional collar. From removable collars to jeweled collars, these once-humdrum elements have taken on a life of their own as an accessory of sorts. Trendiest this season? The contrasting collar.

The concept is basic: a contrasting collar pops against the color or print of the rest of the garment. White shirts with black collars are pretty common these days, but now a variety of unique colors and styles are available.

Personally, I'm coveting the Derek Lam dress above and the first Nasty Gal blouse shown below. As shown in those two examples, a contrasting collar paired with a print makes such a bold statement - here at CF, we cannot get enough of this look!

A roundup of budget-friendly contrasting collared tops...


Product Information: 1 - Nasty Gal, 2 - Forever 21, 3 - ASOS, 4 - Nasty Gal

Would you wear a contrasting collared shirt or dress?

Do you have already have a piece with a bold collar? Do you see this trend sticking around long-term or is it a short-lived fad? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comment section!

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