College Fashion Trend : Metallic Totes

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Metallic Tote by Kathy Van Zeeland

Spring fashion is finally starting to arrive on campus. Even though temperatures (at least in the Northeast) have been ridiculously cold as of late, many college fashionistas are beginning to incorporate spring fashion's colors and styles into their winter wardrobes.

One example is the metallic tote bag.

These bags are a huge trend at my school. I see them everywhere, in colors ranging from simple gold to sparkling platinum and bronze.

Metallic Leather Tote by Luce

This is one trend that I absolutely love! First of all, metallics match with practically everything, so long as you match warm colors with warm and cool with cool. Also, these totes are actually very practical. Most are big enough to hold all your stuff for any class, which is a huge bonus.

Plus, admit it.. what girl doesn't love accessories that sparkle?

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