Would You Wear... Denim Boyfriend Shorts?

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Photo Credit: GapFree People, Nordstrom

Women and men have played with fashion proportions for centuries. From giant ruff collars and bustles to miniskirts and hats, fashion is made up of shapes.

Popular ones come and go, which is why it makes sense that boyfriend jeans have evolved into boyfriend shorts.They are exactly what they sound like: baggy shorts that are often distressed or faded.

Loosely-slung shorts look rad with tighter-fitting blouses or cropped tops. We always encourage some added height in the shoe department when playing with baggy styles, as it helps to balance everything out.

With fall just around the corner, we suggest rocking boyfriend shorts with a sweater, as shown in the outfit below:

How to: Sweater + Shorts

How to wear boyfriend shorts

Product Information: Sweater - H&M, Shorts - Gap, Shoes - Zara, Backpack - Aeropostale, Belt - Wet Seal, Bracelets - Aldo

What do you think of boyfriend shorts?

Are baggy bottoms your style? How do you wear them? Do you think they will be going out of style quickly or around for a long time? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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