Outfits Under $100: Dark Florals

Incorporate dark floral patterns into your look with these affordable outfits.
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In this week's Outfits Under $100, we'll be looking at using dark floral patterns. I don't tend to wear bold colors or patterns, but dark floral prints are an irresistible combination of being colorful but not loud.

There's a dark floral style for everyone: The sheer variety makes it easy to find something that suits you. Choose bright flowers on a dark background to make a statement, or check out a monochromatic style to stay neutral. Add bigger flowers for "pop" or choose prints with smaller flowers to add just a little flavor.  

Here are three affordable dark floral outfits to inspire you:

Out in the Garden - $99.69

Red dark floral pattern maxi skirt outfit

Products: Top, Skirt, Sunglasses, Lip gloss, Booties

This statement floral outfit can work for a casual day or out to an event. The skirt is dark enough to not seem like you're dressed for Easter, but is bold enough to make a statement.  If you're wearing this out to an event, styling your hair and wearing red lip gloss can make the outfit more formal.

Desk Flowers - $99.83

Black minimalist floral jumpsuit work outfit

Products: Jacket, Jumpsuit, Bag, Heels

If bright red floral skirts are too much for you, this monochromatic jumpsuit might be more your style. The flowers are small, making this print much less attention-grabbing while still being unique. To wear it casually, pair the jumpsuit with some black sandals and your outfit is done! This outfit could actually be appropriate for work in a casual office if you add a crisp blazer and some heels.

Flower Feet - $87.88

Casual floral sneaker outfit

Products: Floral Earbuds, Jeans, Sweatshirt, Sneakers (Similar Non-platform)

If you're hesitant to change your carefully curated neutral wardrobe, don't fret! Floral sneakers are a great way to try this trend: They're comfy, casual, and can be matched with many neutral outfits. Wearing a statement sneaker can take a plain outfit up a notch without a ton of work. (I also included a link to floral sneakers without a platform if you prefer yours flat.)

What do you think?

Are you a fan of dark floral patterns? Which outfit was your favorite? I'm always happy to read your comments and feedback below!

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