Leah's April Favorites

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Leah’s april favorites

Goodbye April, and hello summer! I hope everyone is conquering finals and staying motivated. This time around, I wanted to share some outfits, beauty products, and snacks that I've been loving this month. Here are my April favorites:

1. Fashion Favorites

Elephant print romper

I have finally jumped on the romper trend. I've worn this particular romper multiple times in one week, and it's unbelievably comfortable. I instantly love any pattern with elephants, and the bohemian look of this print makes it twice as nice. This romper is the closest to Coachella I'll ever be.

April fashion floral print dress and high waisted jeans

Above are two of my favorite outfits this month.

The look on the left is what I wore on Easter Sunday. Any dress with sunflowers and pockets is a win in my book. This cardigan is my new favorite, because I decided everyone in my life was tired of seeing that tan one. I got this chunky, slouchy black cardigan at Wet Seal for - drumroll - $5.

High-waisted jeans are my new wardrobe staple. In terms of height and leg length, I'm more corgi than greyhound, if you catch my drift. These elongate your legs and cinch in at your natural waist. I loved finding out which tops go with high-waisied jeans, and can see myself wearing these throughout fall and winter, too.

I've been told high waisted jeans are a common sight on many campuses, but here at the University of Georgia, they're a rare beast.

2. Makeup & Other Favorites

Leah April makeup & other faves

First, let's talk about Sour Patch Kids. Cannibalism never tasted so good. Sour Patch Kids are the best candies ever invented, so when I saw sugar-free Sour Patch Kids gum, I had heart palpitations. It was love at first sight. This gum fills your mouth with the classic taste of delicious sour children.

In terms of breath refreshment, I'd stick to minty flavors. In terms of candy cravings and after meal pick-me-ups, I'll be chomping on my Sour Patch Kids gum like a cow chewing her cud.

Lush bath bomb

Secondly, you might notice there is a Lush bag on my head. I didn't discover Lush until I was in college (sadly, there are none close by) and have become completely infatuated. Handmade, natural cosmetics in little robot shapes? Golden Easter eggs? Be still, my beating heart.

I tried a bath bomb for the first time, and let me tell you. In that moment, I became a bath person.

This one is called Space Girl. I watched my bath change from lilac to orange to pink. It was a magic sunset. I felt like a potions master in Harry Potter. But not Snape, because I doubt he shops at Lush.


Product Info

Thirdly, you might have seen this strange, mascara doppelganger. This sleek little beauty is actually a liquid eyeliner trapped inside a marker's body. If you have seen a liquid eyeliner at the drugstore, chances are, it's been on my face at one point. My second favorite is the 'Oreal Super Infallible Super Slim eyeliner that resembles a sharpie.

This eyeliner works the same way as a calligraphy pen. One side makes a very thin line, and the other a thicker line. I like it more than the sharpie-shaped ones, because I feel like I have more control over placement and thickness. I have a problem with eyeliner transferring onto my oily eyelids, and this one has not smeared at all. Cue symphony music.

I also took a calligraphy class in elementary school, so I'm basically a calligraphy pro. I'll do your party invitations with my eyeliner, Blair Waldorf.

TV & Music Favorites

Please, please tell me there is someone out there who has watched Doc Martin. This is a British TV show, available on the handy dandy Netflix, that features a rude doctor who's afraid of blood. The cast of characters also include a bumbling policeman, a hypochondriac plumber, and a town full of misfits with variety of ailments.

I actually, seriously, want to live in this town.

There's also a movie that came out before the TV show, which you do not need to watch first.

Do you ever find your next favoritesong and play it 500 times in a day? In April, that song has been "All the Days" by HAERTS. It came out last summer, but songs (unlike salad dressings, my dear roommate) don't have expiration dates. There's no alien abductions and face transplants like in the Miike Snow one, so tender hearts should be safe watching this.

Your turn!

What were some of your favorite outfits this month? Do you like Lush? Have you watched Doc Martin? I would love to know what you've loved in April!

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