Leah's March Favorites

This month is all about Tsum Tsum, Fresh Off the Boat, and sweet potato fries.
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ELLE what's in my bag

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We're taking a break from the usual fashion and makeup favorites to switch things up a bit. Change is good, right? Without further ado, here are the apps, TV shows and other random things I can't live without this month. 


Disney Tsum Tsum


Photo Credit: Disney Store

Tsum Tsum became my life in March. Before Tsum Tsum, I didn't really play any games on my phone. That was before I saw the adorable round Disney characters and felt the satisfaction of stacking them. 

Tsum tsum translates to "stack stack," which is what this game is all about. Picture Tetris with much cuter things to stack. To get this app, I believe you have to first download the LINE messenger app, which is also free. 

If you play, tell me your score and favorite character down below in the comments section. 

Cartwheel by Target

Screenshot of Target Cartwheel App

Photo Credit: Target Cartwheel 

Cartwheel is another app I just discovered. Like the name would suggest, this app is all about gymnastics in Target. 


This free app lists deals on everything at Target, from apparel and beauty products to home decor and food. For example, Essie nail polish was recently on sale (holla) and right now Cartwheel has a bunch of offers for Easter candy.

You can add up to 15 offers at a time on your phone. To apply the offers, you scan the item's barcode at Target. When you check out, you show the cashier one barcode on your phone that includes all the items you scanned. 

It kind of makes me want to do a cartwheel. 


Urban Decay Primer Potion


Product Info: Urban Decay Primer Potion – Ulta

I have the world's oiliest eyelids. You could ice skate on my eyelids, if you were about an 1/8 of a centimeter tall. I recently went to Ulta and bought the eyeliner that supposedly never transfers, the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. (I know I said we wouldn't be talking about makeup, but this cult favorite couldn't go without mention.)

And guess what? It smeared off in about five hours. In eight hours, I was left with this gross, tacky feeling of face paint where I put the eyeliner. Hashtag crying emoji.

Urban Decay's Primer Potion completely prevents my eyeliner from smudging and budging. It is totally worth the money. Holy grail product, right here.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn't really makeup, but you apply it before makeup, right? Right?! You better, unless you want sun damage. 

Sunscreens tend to break me out, but so far, this one has worked for my sensitive skin, even on my face. 

Favorite Food

Insert the sound of angel harps. 

I tried sweet potato fries for the first time recently. And it was love at first bite. I don't like potatoes that much, so I've never understand the french fries craze. But, I do enjoy a good ol' cinnamon covered sweet potato, and I really, really like sweet potato fries. I've pretty much been eating these non-stop to make up for my many years without french fries. 

If you have a favorite brand or restaurant that serves sweet potato fries, please let me know. I can't stop/won't stop eating these delicious little orange sticks.

Favorite Shows

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a show for Netflix produced by Tina Fey. Need I say more? 

Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) is abducted and locked in an underground bunker by a preacher who tells her the world is ending. The show begins with Kimmy's rescue and return to the real world. 

Except, Kimmy's real world is a little too real. She doesn't know how to survive in New York City, how to use emojis, or how to date. 

But throughout her comedic struggles, Kimmy is unbreakable and eternally filled with sunshine optimism. The entire first season is on Netflix now, so I highly recommend watching it if you haven't already.

Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat is SO GOOD. I was expecting this show to be based on stereotypes, with characters who felt like flat caricatures. Boy, was I wrong. 

Fresh Off the Boat is based on the memoir of chef Eddie Huang. For the first time in a very long time, this is show is centered around an Asian-American family. The Huangs leave their home, family, and friends in DC to move to sunny, humid Orlando, Florida to open a steakhouse.  

Both of the parents are hilarious, but hip-hop loving Eddie Huang steals the show as he attempts to fit in at middle school. 

Do you plan on checking out any of these shows or products?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of Fresh Off the Boat, or anything you think I should try next month. 

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