Outfits Under $100: 1 Graphic Tee, 3 Ways

3 ways to wear your favorite graphic tee!
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Graphic tees are my go-to clothing item during any given season. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they're also versatile enough to pair with about a million different styles. 

In addition, I love that graphic tees are an easy way to express your individual style. There's nothing better than the conversations you can spark from a tee that really expresses your personality. They can be great ways to meet like-minded individuals.

Today, I styled three outfits around a female superhero tee from H&M (how cool, right?), but feel free to swap in your favorite tee for mine.

Here are three complete outfits under $100 incorporating the same graphic tee. 

Graphic Tee Outfit 1 - $84.76

How to wear a graphic tee: Outfit under $100 with dark wash skinny jeans, Femme Power superhero tee shirt, black and gold watch, white footbed sandals, printed tote bag, bandana style headband

Products: Tee - H&M, Jeans - H&M, Shoes - Target, Purse - Forever 21, Watch - Target, Headband - Forever 21

Graphic tees and skinny jeans are a quintessential combo. To this duo, I added a bandana bow headband, a classic watch, a canvas tote bag, and footbed sandals. This creates a comfy-casual look that anyone can pull off.

Graphic Tee Outfit 2 - $67.34

How to wear a graphic tee: Outfit under $100 with Femme Power graphic tee, light pink mini skirt, camel cross body bag, white sneakers, rainbow stud earrings

Products: Tee - H&M, Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Charlotte Russe, Purse - Old Navy, Earrings - Forever 21 

This is a more feminine, girly outfit for those who like styling graphic tees with skirts. 

This pink circle skirt softens the casual graphic tee and the colorful star and rainbow stud earrings add a fun touch. I completed the look with a brown cross-body purse and canvas sneakers. 

Graphic Tee Outfit 3 - $97.87

How to wear a graphic tee: Outfit under $100 with black skinny jeans, Femme Power superhero tee shirt, layered necklaces, black sneakers, black backpack with cartoon eyes

Products: Tee - H&M, Jeans - H&M, Shoes - Forever 21, Choker - ASOS, Purse - Charlotte Russe 

For an edgier outfit, I paired the graphic tee with ripped high-waisted jeans, then accessorized with charm chokers, faux-patent leather sneakers, and a black backpack. 

What Do You Think? 

Which look is your favorite? How do you style your graphic tees? Leave your comments below! 

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