Fabulous Find of the Week: Wet Seal Fringe Boots

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Well, spring is upon us and although the weather is getting warmer, that doesn't mean you have to put away ALL of your winter favorites. For example, you can still wear your favorite boots for at least a few more months!

These boots, on sale at Wet Seal for only $19.90, are the perfect transitional pair to work from winter to spring, and even into summer. Fringe is huge right now, and these boots have tons of it, plus a flattering, slouchy fit and a nice neutral color that will go with virtually everything you own. That all being said, check out a few looks for some fashion inspiration!

The Boots

Wet Seal

"Verticle" Fringe Boot - $19.90 at Wet Seal

Outfit Inspiration

Here are three ways to wear these inexpensive boots for different spring/summer occasions - get inspired!

Outfit 1

How to wear Wet Seal fringe boots with cutoff shorts, a music tee, a cross-body bag, and sunglasses

Boots, Tank, Shorts, Sunglasses, Purse

To me, this seems like the ultimate late spring/summer outfit - it's laid back, comfy, and effortlessly cool. (I can just picture it at Coachella or another fabulous music festival!) Here, I paired the boots with some destroyed denim shorts and a band tee, and finished the look off with some retro-inspired sunnies and a bright red purse for a fun pop of color.

Outfit 2

How to wear Wet Seal fringe boots with skinny jeans, a basic tank, a statement bag and bangles

Boots, Jeggings, Tank, Bracelets, Purse

This look is still fun like the first, but is a little more polished and covered-up. It would work great for a day of classes when the weather is warm. This time, I paired the boots with dark wash jeggings and a chiffon striped tank. I then added a funky printed purse and a stack of gold bracelets to top off the look.

Outfit 3

How to wear Wet Seal fringe boots with a black tee shirt dress, statement necklace, and clutch

Boots, Dress, Necklace, Clutch

For a more dressy look perfect for a casual night out, I paired the boots with a gorgeous black lace tee shirt dress and an awesome, brightly beaded necklace. To make sure I didn't overpower the necklace, I chose a simple black clutch with gold details to hold all the essentials for a night on the town.

Your thoughts?

So there you have it! The perfect pair of boots to seamlessly transition from season to season. So now it's time to tell me what YOU think: Which look was your favorite? Would YOU wear these boots? If so, how would YOU style them? Let me know!

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