6 Swimsuits to Buy at Victoria's Secret Before They're Gone for Good

VS is discontinuing swimwear, AKA this is the final countdown to the apocalypse.
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Last week, I strode into Victoria’s Secret, a skip in my step and a gift card in my hand. I was pawing through the substantial selection of swimwear when a employee came over and told me a terrible truth: the store is discontinuing all of its swimwear. She suggested that I grab anything I liked now 'cause it wouldn’t be sticking around. I was shocked!

Turns out, that saleswoman was right. News outlets and websites everywhere are reporting that Victoria’s Secret is no longer going to make swimwear. A dark shadow has fallen over the fashion world.

The current Victoria’s Secret stores are a great place to go for a new swim look. While their swimsuits certainly are secondary in prominence to the bras and underwear, you still can't go into a store this time of year without seeing cute bikini options. Sadly, things are changing for the brand, and those bikinis are an endangered species.

What We’ll Miss About VS Swimwear

Personally, I love that many of their swim tops come in bra sizes instead of small, medium and large, and the fact that the tops are sold separately from the bottoms. As a woman with a bra size that’s tricky to find and a bottoms size that doesn’t necessarily match the top according to traditional sizing, I appreciate what VS does to make fittings easier.

Beyond the convenience, Victoria’s Secret is a great place for trendy, fashion-forward bathing suits in a fun variety of patterns and cuts. You can find everything from a simple bandeau to a unique, multi-strap masterpiece.

The swimwear shutdown is a great loss to the community, but luckily, it’s not a great loss yet! There are still so many cute bathing suits available online and in stores. However, since there’s now an expiration date coming, it’s time to rush to your local Victoria’s Secret (or get clicking on your laptop) and snatch up these great suits before they disappear forever. Here are 6 cute options for every occasion:

The Pool Party

For me, this is the quintessential Victoria's Secret bathing suit. When I picture VS tops, I picture structured pieces with colorful lines that divide the tops in sections, often with color-blocking. This bandeau bikini is a fresh, patterned take on that look, but it's still so inherently VS.

For a fun afternoon or evening with friends, you want a show-stopper that's fun and shows off your personal flare. If you're up for rocking a bandeau, this one is perfect for a day with your pals. Its mixture of patterns and bright colors will turn heads, and the midi-style gives it an added structure that some bandeaus are lacking.

The Family Party

Be it a day at the lake house with all the cousins, a group beach trip, or a poolside memorial day party, we all have that aquatic event where we have to find something cute that also gets grandma's approval. 

This USA-themed bikini is great because it's fun, colorful, and sexy, but with a high neckline that's appropriate for all crowds! Plus, the stars and stripes are ideal for so many summer events.

The Romantic Swim

Got a hot date this summer? Wow your suitor with this sexy and striking top. It's flirty and supportive enough for all types of bodies, and the uniqueness is sure to leave a lasting impression!

The Beach Day

This printed bikini is perfect for a beach day for two reasons. Firstly, it has the vibrant patterns you want for relaxing on a sunny day. Secondly, it has a sturdy, supportive, and well-attached top that isn't likely to twist sideways on you when you jump in the waves to cool down. We've all been there and it is not pretty. Luckily, this suit is!

The Water Park

Victoria's Secret may be best known for their two-pieces, but they're actually the unsung heroes of one-pieces, too! For a day at a water park (or just any old day where you'd feel happier in a one-piece), this sexy one-piece will keep you youthful and stylish, while also providing you with secure coverage.

Strolling Around

Sure, we're focusing on swimsuits here, but what do you do if you want to go stroll on the pier or get an oceanside lunch? This colorful cover-up is relaxed and has a great color scheme for the ocean or pool. Throw it over any of the above pieces, or any other swimsuit you have in your closet.

Will you miss VS swimwear?

Do you shop Victoria's Secret's swimwear line? Are you bummed that it's almost time to say goodbye? Let us know below!

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