6 Monthly Clothing Subscriptions for When You Don't Have Time to Shop

No time to shop during the semester? These fab services have your back.
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I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like I have NO time to shop for clothes during the semester. If you feel similarly, then let me introduce you to monthly subscription services. These services are the perfect stop-gap for busy students - they'll deliver fresh threads to your wardrobe each month to tide you over between actual major shopping sessions.

There are subscription services for everything from socks and undies to vintage clothes. Below, I'll share 6 good clothing subscription sites worth checking out:

1. StitchFix

Stitchfix is one of the first clothing subscription services, delivering clothes and accessories straight to your door each month. 

Stitchfix claims to tailor their choices to your style: When you sign up, you're asked to fill out Style Profile so that your "personal stylist" can pick out clothes they think would look great on you and that you would actually like. They'll send you five items and you only pay for the items you decide to keep. 

Prices for Stitchfix pieces can range from $50-100 each, but on average cost $55. So you definitely pay for the convenience factor. Thankfully, the quality here is good. Also, you can adjust how much you are willing to pay in your profile, and if you end up keeping all five items you get 25% off. 

The beauty of this subscription is that you can send everything or a couple pieces back if you don't like them, and the recommendations get better as the service learns more about your preferences.

2.  MeUndies

Design of the Month

Product: MeUndies

If you feel like you're always running out of underwear or forgetting to replace undies that you should have long ago, MeUndies will be your new BFF. The designs are super cute and their subscription model makes it super easy to keep your underwear collection strong.

After the purchase of one pair super cute underwear from MeUndies for $16.00, you can then choose to subscribe to have a Design of the Month sent to you for $14.00 a month.

3. Rx Vintage

Rx Vintage Rack

Photo: Rx Vintage

Vintage lovers, this is the subscription for you! Rx Vintage sends you vintage finds that are perfectly tailored to your sense of style. You're supporting sustainable fashion and are scoring totally unique pieces - pretty awesome.

This service has three plans that can be canceled, skipped, or changed at any point in time. These aren't fast-fashion clothes, so the prices are higher than your average vintage store. Again, the quality justifies the price here. The Bronze plan costs $49 a month that will send you one vintage item, the Silver plan gives you two items for $89 a month, and the Gold plan gives you four items for $150. All of these subscriptions come with styling tips and exclusive sales. 

4. Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee offers a clothing subscription service for plus size women, catering to sizes ranging from 10-32. Instead of focusing on clothes to keep, this is a clothing rental service, offering you new designer pieces each month. If you really love a piece, you can keep it for an extra fee.

Since Gwynnie Bee focuses on designer pieces, prices reflect this. The packages start at $49/month for one item out and go up to $95/month for three items out per month. I can see this being a great option for those in major cities who want to keep up with trends, or for those who have jobs or internships in the fashion industry.

5. Le Tote

Le Tote Clutch

Photo: Le Tote

Le Tote's subscription model is also focused on clothing rentals, giving you new pieces that you can wear and return, as often as you like. 

Packages range from $108 for two months to $531 for a year. They proudly use brands commonly found at Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, NastyGal, and Anthropologie. You select the styles you like and put them into a virtual closet, try them out when you receive them, purchase them by keeping them, or you can send them back after you've worn them and receive new items next month.

6. Foot Cardigan

If your socks are constantly being eaten by the washing machine monster, Foot Cardigan is your subscription service. (Seriously, what is it about college laundry rooms that makes socks vanish?!) 

These crazy socks come in tons of unique and fun colors and prints. You can gift these to someone or order a monthly subscription at $9 per month for yourself. 

What do you think?

These monthly orders can be great gifts for the busy person in your life, or if you yourself are a busy person. Do you use subscription services to save time? Have you tried any of these services? Let us know in the comments!

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