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Can you believe that it's December already? The gift giving season is officially upon us! Holiday movie marathons on TV, twinkling lights in windows, and maybe even the ever elusive White Christmas for some of us... As cliche as it is, there's something truly magical about this time of the year. Whether you're a Grinch or a Cindy Lou Who, it's time to get into the spirit of things!

I don't know about you all, but my favorite part of the holidays is shopping for the perfect gifts for all of my loved ones. There's nothing I love more than watching someone unwrap a gift and seeing their eyes light up. However, with finals right around the corner, adding present shopping to your mile long to-do list may seem daunting.

Not to worry! I've rounded up a wide variety of presents that ring in at under $50 each, along with some gift giving tips to help you out.

Gifts Under $25

Gifts under $25

ONESleep Mask | TWOTouch-Screen Gloves | THREEiPhone 5 Case | FOURMoccasins | FIVESpa Gift Card | SIXRosebud Salve | SEVEN#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso | EIGHTJessica Durant Art Print | NINEEarring & Ring Set | TENElephant Bracelet | ELEVENYes Please by Amy Poehler | TWELVEGrumpy Cat Plush | THIRTEENInitial Mug | FOURTEENPhilosophy Christmas Set | FIFTEENKate Spade Gold Notebook | SIXTEENTemporary Hair Dye Kit | SEVENTEENHoliday Socks Ornament | EIGHTEENSalted Caramel Cheesecake DIY | NINETEENBeanie & Gloves Set | TWENTYMini Emergency Kit | TWENTY ONEWorld Watch | TWENTY TWOThermal To-Go Mug | TWENTY THREEBridesmaids Quote Mug | TWENTY FOURFlash Temporary Tattoos | TWENTY FIVEOversized Wine GlassTWENTY SIX Floral Pillow

Gifts Under $50

Gifts for her under $50

ONEThermal Sleep Shirt | TWOBirchbox Gift Subscription | THREESelf Charging iPhone 5 Case | FOURSparkle Earrings | FIVEVictoria Secret Fragrance Set | SIXCrosley Headphones | SEVENNaked2 Basics Palette | EIGHTBrave Bracelet (handmade by fair-trade artisans in Cambodia) | NINECake Pops Kit | TENTravel Straightener | ELEVENCustomized Bar Necklace | TWELVEDonation to Provide Basic Needs to Impoverished Countries | THIRTEENChristmas Tee | FOURTEENTOMS Classic Shoes | FIFTEENUgly Christmas Sweater DIY Kit | SIXTEENBaggu Striped Tote | SEVENTEENPortable Mobile Charger | EIGHTEENTickets to a Concert of Your Choice | NINETEENFrancesca's Signature Perfume | TWENTYState Necklace | TWENTY ONEInitial Marquee Light | TWENTY TWOKate Spade Candle | TWENTY THREEStatement Necklace | TWENTY FOURPersonalized Photo Book | TWENTY FIVESephora Party Essentials Sampler | TWENTY SIXKate Spade 2015 Planner

Gift Shopping Tips

  1. Try to purchase your gifts from as few stores as possible. I like Nordstrom because shipping is always free (free returns too!), and they have amazing customer service. Amazon is also a great source, especially if you have Amazon Prime (2-day free shipping is a LIFESAVER) and are in need of something last minute. This will not only make your life much easier, but will also cut down on shipping costs (if there are any). Additionally, you can often use a coupon for a bulk percentage off your total purchase that will save you even more money.
  2. One of my other go-to resources for gifts is Etsy. All of the products featured on Etsy are handmade and incredibly unique. That said, shopping on Etsy can be time consuming since there are so many products listed on the website. The easiest way to navigate Etsy is to have a specific search query in mind. For example, if someone you know is a Florida State Seminoles fan (shameless promotion of my team, I know) then you can type that in and even narrow it down further by category.
  3. Think about the person you are buying a gift for. What are his or her unique interests? Do you have any inside jokes? Paying attention to what a person likes may seem obvious, but in the end it’s what makes the difference between a generic gift and something someone will truly love.
  4. When I go shopping for presents, I always try to buy something that I know a person would want, but wouldn’t buy for his or herself because it’s too expensive, not practical, etc. Buying a gift that someone needs is a safe bet, but it’s always more fun to see someone’s eyes light up when they receive a present that takes them by surprise.
  5. Take note of things yours friends or family mention wanting throughout the year and keep track of it somewhere. I also keep a running bookmark of links to products I stumble across that someone I know might like. This will make your holiday shopping INFINITELY easier every December when you’re stressing about getting the perfect gift.
  6. Throughout the year, if I’m shopping and see something I know someone would love, I go ahead and purchase it so I can set it aside for the holiday season. I know it may seem crazy to shop in March for a holiday that is months away, but spreading out your gift purchases will be a lot easier on your wallet than trying to buy everything in the same month later on.

Your thoughts?

What's on your wishlist this holiday season? Where do you like to shop for gifts? Do you have any tips for gift giving? Sound off in the comments, I'd love to hear!

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